The Astrology of Coronavirus: Analysis and Future Predictions

April 1, 2020

Regardless of how crazy certain situations become, there is a sense of comfort in knowing the reason behind them, and more than anything, that they were a long time coming. For the last few years, astrologers have been talking about the astrology of 2020 not only because of the great combination of the intense astrological transits, but also because of the astronomical rarity of this year’s retrogrades. We knew 2020 was going to be a difficult, life-changing year, and now, here we are…

At the forefront of this year’s astrology, we have Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter having conjunctions with one another throughout the year, all in Capricorn. The three are slow-moving planets, with Saturn and Jupiter being social planets and Pluto being a generational planet, so it would make sense that their combined effect would affect the entire collective as a whole. While Saturn rules restrictions and boundaries, Pluto rules viruses and death, and Jupiter rules abundance as well as magnitude; being the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter expands everything that it touches—Jupiter represents the world.

The seed of Coronavirus was planted by the most awaited Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12 with incredible symbolism. From what scientists have found, the virus came from a bat that was eaten by a snake—both animals ruled by Pluto—with the bat representing death and the snake being an ancient symbol of rebirth and transformation. Timely speaking, it makes sense that this virus was born in November-December before the peak of the aspect (in astrology, aspects are stronger before they perfect). Talk about a virus that can kill extremely rapidly—it doesn’t get more Plutonian than that—it also separates people by having to go into quarantine for weeks and weeks. Death is Pluto’s territory, while separation is Saturn’s realm. Together, as we are seeing, they are a deadly combination.

Just to get an idea of how important Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are for humanity, let’s go back in time: World War One and World War Two, as well as the Great Depression and the AIDS epidemic, all happened during a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. And once we let this historical, astronomical, and astrological fact sink in, we become aware of not only the importance of what we are currently living, we know what we are up against. As you can see, Saturn-Pluto transits are life-changing with long-term consequences.

However, there happen to be other players in action, of course. In astrology, there isn’t a formula that fits all—otherwise, we would be living the same thing again and again. And while Saturn and Pluto planted the seed, other planetary aspects and combinations helped create what I call The Perfect Storm.

While the first outbreak of the virus happened in December, back when Saturn was just two degrees away from hitting Pluto, what took this virus to the next level was Mars forming a conjunction with the south node of the moon on February 25—also in Capricorn. Mars is the planet that rules energy, and the south node of the moon is a point of release of energy. Because the aspects that involve the nodes of the moon affect us all, this could only read as a release of energy in the entire planet… by people dying. And as we know, along with Saturn and Pluto, Mars is also considered a “malefic” planet in classical astrology—Mars doesn’t mess around.

Like eloquent Sam Reynold writes in his blog: “Mars in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation (where he is the strongest) next to the south node of the moon, has created fear related to martial law, terror, and challenges to governments.” Think of 9/11, for example, which also happened under this aspect combination.

And then, of course, we had that nebulous, almost unnoticed conjunction between the sun and Neptune in Pisces—Neptune rules pandemics, as well as the dissolution of boundaries, and no one can argue against this pandemic getting completely out of hand exactly during the peak of this year’s sun-Neptune conjunction on March 7.

Neptune, also a generational planet, rules Pisces in modern astrology, making its current placement in this sign incredibly strong. By the way, every year, the flu season hits during the time the sun is in Pisces, and although Coronavirus is not a flu, this is how it first started manifesting, exactly during a pretty gnarly Pisces season that included a Mercury (the ruler of the lungs in medical astrology) retrograde in this same sign.

As this article gets published (March 27), warrior Mars sits right next to Pluto as it approaches its last degrees in Capricorn to, later on, form a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. Things have been very intense in the last few days with a good amount of Martian law being enforced front and center, and as we already know, they will have to get worse before they get better.

As with all Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, we can safely say it’s going to take a long time to fully deal with this pandemic as well as its social consequences and economic and implications—most likely the entire year of 2020.

Below are the aspects that will further trigger the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions as we study their development:

Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius–March 31
Fear and anger will be intensified during this time as isolation begins to take a huge toll on us. Because this is one of the most destructive aspects of the year, it could represent one of the darkest moments during this pandemic.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto–April 4
(the first of three, this conjunction will repeat in the summer & the fall)
Jupiter is about growth and opportunity, while Pluto is about destructive forces that break down and compost anything that is past it’s due. As a result of this pandemic, this conjunction will begin a big shift in the financial and governmental spheres as we try to manage the current radical changes of our time by growing and rebuilding. However, a lot of these changes will be hidden and happening below the surface.

Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn–April 14
Today is bound to be filled with conflict and rage as the sun increases our need to be in control, bringing moments of crisis and exposing the deep psychological issues the pandemic is creating. This aspect also represents that point in time in which many of us will realize this pandemic will eventually bring us to that very much needed collective rebirth.

Pluto (April 25), Saturn (May 10), & Jupiter (May 14) go retrograde
Both Saturn and Pluto, the seed planters of the virus, begin to lose power as they begin their long retrogrades, so it would make sense that during this time, life will slowly begin to go back to normal. Jupiter going retrograde also means the virus will begin to be contained around the world—at least for now.

Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces–June 22
Since Neptune was the planet that took the virus to a pandemic level, its retrograde means that its contagious powers will be the lowest around the summer when it comes to the number of people infected, at least in the areas that have suffered the most.
Jupiter conjunct Pluto–June 30
(the second of three, this conjunction will repeat again in the fall)
The social and economic changes brought by the Coronavirus pandemic begin to take shape as all kinds of industries and businesses begin to shift and adapt in order to survive and thrive.

Mars in Aries square Jupiter (August 4), Pluto (August 13), & Saturn (August 24)
With Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune retrograde, the focus will be taken off the pandemic during the summer. However, the squares Mars will make to most of these planets suggest the entire month of August will be focused on adapting to the changes it had brought us.

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn (October 4) & Mars square Pluto (October 9)
Out of nowhere, new Coronavirus cases could emerge again once Pluto’s destructive powers are, once again, reawaken. This aspect could also coincide with intense sociopolitical changes, power struggles, and confrontations around the world.

Sun square Pluto (October 15) & Saturn (October 18)
Frustration and depression will be the name of the game once again as we realize we are not yet over with this pandemic. The presence of Saturn represents a moment of crisis and a test we have to endure in order to reach our goal, which is to completely eradicate the virus.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn–November 12
We can now see how entire blocks of industries are disappearing in favor of more progressive, sustainable ones. Millionaires will be the result of this last of three conjunctions as we begin to embrace a brand-new beginning, the age of Aquarius.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius–December 21
By far the most important aspect of the year, this “great conjunction” promises that in the next few months, we will be able to develop an effective new vaccine and treatment to kill Coronavirus for once and for all. This astrological event marks the official beginning of a new awakening for humanity!