What It Means When You Have Empty Houses in Your Birth Chart

August 4, 2022

Have you ever experienced this? Perhaps you’re just getting into astrology and you pull up your birth chart—only to find that one or more of the Houses don’t have a planet in them. Many people find this confusing. For example, if you don’t have any planets in your 7th House of relationships, does that mean you won’t be lucky in love? 

Luckily, we asked astrologer Wayne Gonzalez to weigh in on the subject. 

Houses Meaning

So, to backtrack … What is a House, and what does it represent in the birth chart?

“The chart is divided into 12 segments we call, ‘Houses,’” he says. “The Houses represent different part of our lives as we make our life’s journey.”

Gonzalez goes on to explain that each House in the birth chart is ruled by one of the 12 zodiac signs—which is personal to us, based on our time of birth. Basically, the Houses make up the blueprint for our love, money, family, and more. 

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Missing or Empty Houses 

Say you pull up your birth chart and there’s nothing in one of the Houses. Is there any need to worry? Gonzalez explains that there isn’t anything wrong. “For starters, there are only 10 planets and there are 12 Houses so by default that leaves room for 2 empty Houses anyway,” he says.

Having empty Houses does not automatically symbolize struggle or misfortune, he explains. In fact, it may very likely mean the opposite. “The empty House simply means that that part of your life is not as challenging as a House with one or more planets,” he explains. “The Houses with planets are the Houses that we have more lessons to learn or to focus on in this life.” 

1st House

Missing planets in the 1st House can indicate high self-respect, ego, or identity. You may not struggle to find confidence or your own personality.

2nd House

Missing planets in the 2nd House can indicate stable cash flow, career, or business ventures. You may not struggle with money or material stability.

3rd House

Missing planets in the 3rd House can indicate communication, thinking, and technology. Without planets here, you may feel stable in your intelligence, technical skills, and social skills.

4th House

Missing planets in the 4th House can indicate close-knit connections, family values, immediate family, domestic space, and home. Without planets here, you may have less issues with family.

5th House

Missing planets in the 5th House points to issues with fun, socializing, and casual dating. Without planets here, you may not struggle with creativity, uniqueness, or getting to know others.  

6th House

Missing planets in the 6th House represents hard work, day-to-day routines, and charity. Without planets here, routines or schedules may come naturally for you. 

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7th House

Missing planets in the 7th House can indicate long-term relationships, marriage, and partnership. Without planets here, your long-term partnerships can come more easily for you.

8th House

Missing planets in the 8th House points to mystery, intimacy, intuition, taboo topics, and other people’s money. Without planets here, you may be more of a practical person and have a strong sense of self.

9th House

Missing planets in the 9th House points to travel, philosophy, and learning. Without planets here, you may have less interest in exploring the world, learning about other cultures, or getting secondary degrees.

10th House

Missing planets in the 10th House can represent business endeavors, career path, and public image. Without planets here, you may be less motivated by job, status, or money.

11th House

Missing planets in the 11th House will point to networking, friends, and community. Without planets here, you may be more focused on one-on-one partnerships as opposed to having many acquaintances. 

12th House

Missing planets in the 12th House brings up an ease with the esoteric or unattainable. Without planets here, you’re likely more of a “see it to believe it” kind of person.

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The Takeaway

“Don’t worry if you have one or more empty Houses in your birth chart, we all do,” Gonzalez says. He explains that having empty Houses does not mean little or no activity in your life. An example might be Mariah Carey’s birth chart. She doesn’t have any planets in her 10th House, and yet, she’s extraordinarily successful in her line of work. 


What is my 7th House?

The 7th House is the House of long-term relationships and partnerships.

Should you share your birth chart?

We don’t see why not!