Weekly Finstrology Update for July 24: Financial Review Underway with Venus Retrograde

July 20, 2023

Markets will have to absorb two huge shifts in planetary energy that occur on Saturday, July 22 when they open for trade date July 24: (1) money planet Venus turns retrograde in motion; and (2) the Sun enters Leo. The Fed’s meeting of July 25-26 occurs under the Venus retrograde, so the governors certainly will be under the influence of “re”viewing interest rates. 

Venus retrogrades about every 18 months, entering review mode for all things financial. This year, Venus is in Leo the entire six weeks of its retrograde, through September 3. So, it could be focused particularly on high-ticket items like homes, cars and luxury goods. 

The Sun entering Leo on the same day Venus turns retrograde in the same sign only emphasizes the high-ticket tendency. The Sun’s sign change also marks the one-third point in the astrological year that began at the spring equinox, so is considered a “Gann Day,” and one to watch for a change of trend. 

The U.S. stock market tends to decline during a Venus retrograde, especially when the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter overlap. When Venus joins an already retrograde Jupiter, the market tends to rally. 

This year is a third type of Venus/Jupiter interaction—the hand-off. Venus retrogrades first, then as it turns direct in motion immediately hands off to a Jupiter retrograde. This year, the Jupiter retrograde begins the day after Venus turns direct and extends through December 30. In two previous situations that were similar, it’s interesting to note that (1) the low set in the Venus retrograde was tested during the Jupiter retrograde; and (2) the high during the Venus retrograde was surpassed when the Jupiter retrograde took over.

Markets on the Move

MAT | Mattel, Inc.

Could there be any more hype about the new Barbie movie, released in theaters on July 21? Distributed by Warner Bros, the film is based on the iconic doll created by Mattel, Inc. in 1959 to become one of the best-selling toys in the world. The company began in 1945, first incorporated three years later and listed its stock for trading on August 12, 1963.

Astrologically, the stock looks like it could continue its rally that began in mid-March, shortly before the movie’s official trailer was released on YouTube in early April. Look for a price peak on Tuesday, August 1 as first-trade Mercury is activated by an conjunction from Mars and exact trine from Jupiter. Natal Uranus also is in play with an exact conjunction from Mercury and and opposition from Saturn. Another high could occur on September 6, when the transiting sun and Mercury are both exactly conjunct the stock’s Mercury while the transiting moon squares natal Mercury.

A low could occur on Friday, August 12 as both the transiting sun and Venus conjoin the first-trade sun on the stock’s birthday; a similar transit set the low in August 2011. Also, Mercury is aligned with its natal position while Jupiter is trine. A big low could occur on May 8, 2024 when the sun, moon, Jupiter and Uranus are all conjunct the stock’s first-trade moon while Venus trines natal Mercury and transiting Mercury trines the natal sun.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Friday, July 28—The sun activates the market’s important moon/Mercury axis with a conjunction to its natal moon. The transiting moon is trine its natal position and sextile to natal Mercury. Look for resistance at $30,550, then $31,510-$31,610.
  • Crude Oil Low on Friday, July 28—Transiting Mercury and Venus form a grand trine to the market’s natal Mars and Neptune for a supportive vibe. Transiting Jupiter exactly conjoins first-trade Venus while Mars makes a trine; the sun trines its own natal position in the market’s horoscope. In September futures, support could appear near $74.50 per barrel.
  • Euro FX High on Friday, July 28—The sun and moon are both in aspect to first-trade Pluto; the the sun also squares first-trade Mercury while transiting Mars is trine. In addition, transiting Mercury and Venus are trining first-trade Saturn. September futures could hit resistance at 1.1360-1.1380.

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