Weekly Finstrology Update for March 25: Venus Takes the Spotlight

March 25, 2024

All times Eastern

The full moon/lunar eclipse on Monday at 3:00 a.m. is in Libra, ruled by the money planet Venus, so puts the week’s trading focus on finding equilibrium in values. (The eclipse is visible across the United States, so set your alarm to take a peek.) The eclipse’s trine to Pluto adds power to the ability to find fair value.

Monday’s lunar eclipse does not align directly with first-trade planets in either the S&P 500 or Nasdaq-100. However, each index could make a low that day due to other connections. In the S&P 500, Mars conjoins its first-trade Venus and Mercury, so watch for support near 5170. In the Nasdaq-100, Venus exactly squares first-trade Uranus to produce upsetting financial circumstances; watch for support near 18,000. 

Also of note on Monday is that it marks a secondary progressed new moon for the United States. This begins a new 29-year cycle of intentions that come to fruition. In Pisces, those intentions could be focused on creativity and compassion. 

Venus, the planet that rules money, is in the spotlight this week as it sextiles Jupiter on Sunday and Uranus on Thursday. Both larger planets are in Taurus, the other sign that Venus rules, so it could be easy to find new, intriguing ways to invest for success.

All U.S. stock and commodity markets will be closed for the Good Friday holiday.

Markets on the Move

HOUS Anywhere Real Estate

The U.S. housing market—and its real estate agents—got a shock when the National Association of Realtors settled a class-action suit that is expected to result in reduced commission fees from their current standard of 6%. One of the largest real estate agency companies, Anywhere Real Estate, includes about 190,000 agents at well-known brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, Century 21, and Sotheby’s

Anywhere Real Estate is a 2022 rebrand of Realogy Holdings, began trading on October 11, 2012. The company simply changed its ticker symbol to HOUS from RLGY on June 9, 2022 as part of the new branding efforts. Thus, from an astrological standpoint, the first-trade chart remains the original one from 2012.

Look for high on April 8 as the exuberant solar eclipse opposes the stock’s first-trade sun within one degree. Next up is a potential low on April 19 when the sun trines the natal moon and the moon is aligned with first-trade Venus. In May, prices could peak on the 8th when both Mars and Venus trine their own natal positions. Watch for a low on May 21 when Mercury and the moon align with first-trade Mercury while the sun, Venus, and Jupiter oppose natal Mars. 

A significant high could be in store on June 6 when the sun, moon, and Venus are in exactly the same degree as first-trade Jupiter, creating a peak in optimism. At the all-time high of $55.28 on May 22, 2013, Venus and Mercury were conjunct natal Jupiter. 

Even more interesting will be the stock’s first Jupiter return, exact three times from August 2024 to April 2025. The first exact hit on August 12 is the strongest of the three and could produce a significant high. Both Jupiter and Mars are conjunct first-trade Jupiter that day, with transiting Venus also partile conjunct its natal position. Also, the sun and Mercury are conjunct the natal moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Monday, March 25—The full moon/lunar eclipse squares natal Mars and creates two “triangles of opportunity” with bitcoin’s first-trade Mercury/moon opposition as the luminaries are either trine or sextile. Watch for resistance at both $68,290 and $71,890.
  • Crude Oil Low on Monday, March 25—The lunar eclipse is aligned with the market’s first-trade sun, but four degrees away, so not as a significant impact as if it were closer. Also supporting a potential low is transiting Mars trining both the first-trade moon and Saturn, with Mercury conjunct natal Mars. Look for support in May futures near $76.30 per barrel.
  • Soybeans High on Monday, March 25—Similar to crude oil, the lunar eclipse is aligned with the market’s first-trade sun, but an even further seven degrees from exact. However, the eclipse is just two degrees apart from first-trade Mercury. In addition, Venus is aligned with the market’s important Saturn/Neptune opposition. In the May futures contract, $12.47 per bu. could provide resistance.
  • Gold High on Wednesday, March 27—Prices could hit a peak as restrictive Saturn exactly aligns with first-trade Jupiter, with Venus also conjunct. First-trade Uranus receives a conjunction from the moon and a trine from Mars to further push the excitement. Finally, transiting Jupiter exactly trines natal Mercury to expand trading. In April futures, look for resistance near $2230 per oz.
  • Euro FX Low on Thursday, March 28—Four conjunctions to first-trade planets could give prices a boost. They include: Transiting Mercury to Saturn; Venus to Jupiter; Mars to the moon; and Pluto to Neptune. Support could come in around 1.08500, basis June futures.

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