Weekly Finstrology Update for May 20: Optimistic, Opportune Week

May 19, 2024

All times Eastern

This week is the most opportune of the year, with the sun, Jupiter, and Venus moving together in the sky and all simultaneously trining powerhouse Pluto. This configuration begins on May 21 and continues through May 28. 

The warm-up starts on Saturday, May 18, when the sun and Jupiter conjoin in Taurus, which is extremely optimistic. However, watch for surprising money moves as Venus conjoins Uranus that same day. The sun exactly trines Pluto on Wednesday after having moved into Gemini early Monday. Venus catches up to Jupiter on Thursday, May 23, then moves into Gemini 12 hours later.

The Nasdaq-100 could make an important high on Monday, May 20, as the sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus all oppose the market’s first-trade Saturn, with transiting Mars trine natal Uranus.

The sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto are also each in a sextile with Neptune, the great dissolver, which is strong in its ruling sign of Pisces. This connection could indicate an opportunity to be creatively imaginative with the financial power in play. Or, it could indicate financial difficulties due to unseen factors. The sun makes this exact aspect on Sunday, with Venus and Jupiter following suit on Thursday. With Thursday’s full moon in Sagittarius, the spotlight is on revealing the truth.

Trading could begin to slow near week’s end going into the long Memorial Day weekend, with the New York Stock Exchange closed on Monday. However, trading will open on Sunday at the normal times for Tuesday’s trade date in the interest rate, equities, energy, FX, metals, and cryptocurrency futures markets at CME Group, each taking a slight break on Monday.

Markets on the Move

NVAX Novavax, Inc.

A stock that more than doubles in price on a single day certainly is rare and attention-grabbing. And that’s exactly what Novavax did on May 10 after it announced first-quarter earnings as well as a co-exclusive licensing agreement with French pharmaceutical company Sanofi that provided $500 million in cash and a $70 million equity investment to Novavax. One of their objectives is to develop a combination flu and COVID-19 vaccine. From a May 9 close of $4.47, Novavax rallied to $11.00 on May 10. 

Novavax, an American biotechnology company based in Maryland, was incorporated on June 18, 1987. The stock began trading on July 10, 2001, with the sun exactly conjunct the company’s Mars. At previous price highs, transiting planets often were in aspect to the first-trade sun. 

For example, look for a high on May 28 when Mars squares the first-trade sun while Saturn is partile trine. Also that day, the sun, Venus, and Jupiter conjoin first-trade Venus. Prices also could peak on June 17 when Jupiter is partile conjunct first-trade Venus. Meanwhile, the stock’s natal Jupiter/Mercury conjunction receives a conjunction from the sun, Mercury and Venus as well as a trine from the moon. In 2025, watch for a significant high on June 8 when both Jupiter and Mercury are partile conjunct their natal positions, with Mars opposite natal Uranus and the moon trining the natal sun. 

Watch for low on May 20 as transiting Mars is in a partile trine with its natal position and natal Pluto. In addition, the moon forms a grand trine with first-trade Jupiter/Mercury and Uranus; Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus also are square to natal Uranus. Another low could occur on June 5 when the sun and Venus are both partile opposite first-trade Mars and Jupiter and square to the moon.

Weekly Highlights

  • Crude Oil Low on Monday, May 20—Pluto squares the market’s first-trade conjunction between the moon and Saturn while Mars conjoins natal Mercury. The moon is aligned with crude oil’s natal Mars/Pluto opposition. Be especially watchful, as trading for the week begins on Sunday night as the sun and Jupiter align with the market’s North Node. July futures has strong support near $76.30 per barrel.
  • Bitcoin High on Tuesday, May 21—The moon and Mercury team up to form a square to the sensitive moon/Mercury opposition in bitcoin’s first-trade chart. In addition, the sun is trine natal Jupiter. Prices could see resistance as they approach $68,000.
  • Euro FX Low on Tuesday, May 21—Just two days after the market’s birthday, its first-trade sun receives a conjunction from the four-planet Taurus stellium. Venus, the money planet, is most sensitive in this chart and receives a conjunction from Mars. Look for support in June futures near 1.08250.
  • Soybeans High on Tuesday, May 21—The moon and Mercury each align with a planet in the market’s first-trade opposition between Venus and Uranus. The sun and Jupiter trine natal Mercury. The next significant price hurdle for July futures is $12.98 per bu.
  • 10-yr. T-note Big Low on Thursday, May 23—Both primary axes in the first-trade horoscope are stimulated and could create a low in price and a high in interest rates. The Mercury/Uranus opposition has the sun, Venus, and Jupiter on one side with the moon on the other. The natal Venus/Mars opposition has Neptune (the liquidator) conjunct Venus (money). Look for support in June futures between 108-150 and 109-000.

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