Weekly Finstrology Update for November 21: Optimism Abounds

November 22, 2022

The holiday-shortened trading week comes under the spell of expansive, optimistic Jupiter from several directions. 

First, the sun and Jupiter are in an easy, supportive trine late Sunday that sets the stage for a bright outlook for Monday’s trade. 

Tuesday, November 22 has it all going on. The sun enters Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruling sign, at 3:20 am, on the heels of the Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius late Monday afternoon. Thus, the three fastest-moving planets in the sky are all responding to Jupiter’s vibe of expansion and optimism. The sun’s move into this sign means we are two-thirds done with the astrological year, so the markets could make a corrective turn. 

Thanksgiving Day has fun, optimism and compassion written all over it because Jupiter turns direct in motion in its ruling sign of Pisces on Wednesday at 6:02 pm, just five minutes after the new moon in Sagittarius, the other sign that Jupiter rules. Enjoy, everyone!

Note that the New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and will close early, at 1 pm, the day after. The Nasdaq-100 could make an emotionally volatile low during Friday’s shortened trading session because an out-of-bounds Mars is conjunct its first-trade moon while the transiting moon is opposite its natal position. 

Markets on the Move

LLY  Eli Lilly and Company

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly was a victim of Twitter’s new ownership after a fake Twitter account—verified by the new Twitter Blue subscription service that began on November 9—announced on the afternoon of November 10 that the company was offering free insulin. Eli Lilly’s stock price, which had peaked a day earlier at a record $369.80, tumbled 8 percent in just three trading days to a low of $340.12. All this despite the company officially clarifying on its official Twitter account within hours that it is not offering free insulin.

Interestingly, the November 9 high was when the transiting moon and Pluto formed a grand trine with the stock’s first-trade moon and Pluto. Also that day, transiting sun, Mercury and Venus were trine to the market’s first-trade sun and Mercury. Both aspects have appeared at previous significant highs. 

Another transit to the July 9, 1970 first-trade horoscope that appears at highs—a T-square to the first-trade moon—occurs on Thursday, December 1. Watch for a low the week before Christmas when transiting Mercury and Venus are opposite the stock’s natal sun and Mercury. On December 20, the sun trines Venus while the moon trines Mercury; on December 23, the sun and moon square natal Uranus while Jupiter is opposite natal Uranus. 

A significant high could arrive on January 21, 2023, when transiting Jupiter is partile opposite first-trade Uranus while transiting Mars is trine. Also noteworthy is that the sun, moon and Pluto will be opposite Mars while Venus and Saturn oppose natal Venus.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX Low on Monday, November 21—Money planet Venus and Mercury are both partile conjunct this market’s first-trade Pluto, for a powerful financial connection. December futures prices could test 1.0220.
  • Soybeans Low on Tuesday, November 22—With the transiting moon conjunct first-trade Venus, prices could make a low a day ahead of the new moon in Sagittarius. If support at $14.13 per bu. fails, then January futures could be headed toward $13.38.
  • Bitcoin High on Wednesday, November 23—Battered bitcoin could find a low as Venus and Mars are both partile square to its first-trade Venus. The November 10 low of $15,613 looks strong.
  • Crude Oil High on Wednesday, November 23—Mercury and Venus trine this market’s first-trade sun, which could create a price high. Watch $86.80 per barrel in January futures for resistance.

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