Weekly Finstrology Update for October 23: Early Week Focus

October 21, 2023

The markets are frontloaded in absorbing planetary action this week as most of the energy shifts occur over the weekend. Indeed, the sun trine Saturn at 3:14 am Tuesday is the last aspect of the trading week.

The sun and Mercury are working in tandem as they both enter the sign of Scorpio and put an emphasis on the axis of keeping secrets vs. exposing secrets. After entering Scorpio, they each trine Saturn within the span of 48 hours. For traders and investors, this is a good time to buckle down and do the research needed to develop the trading plan that Saturn would like to see support your long-term vision of success.

Also influential, particularly early in the week, is a financially positive trine between Venus and Jupiter on Sunday. That could soften what otherwise could be a harder jolt to absorb from Saturday’s square between the sun and Pluto that brings up powerful tension about how to move forward.  

The S&P 500 market’s first-trade Mercury and Venus are highlighted on Tuesday, when they receive a tight trine from the sun and Mercury as well as a tight conjunction from the moon and Saturn. In addition, transiting Venus opposes the market’s natal sun, so all three of its most sensitive first-trade planets are in play. Look for upward resistance between 4370 and 4385.

Markets on the Move

PFE Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer was one of the star performers during the pandemic because it developed one of the first vaccines against the COVID-19 virus. From a March 2020 low of $27.88 at the pandemic’s start, prices rallied to record high of $61.71 by the end of 2021, the year the vaccines were introduced. 

Indeed, the Center for Disease Control reports that 69.5% of the U.S. population completed the first two rounds of COVID vaccination. However, that number dropped to just 17% for the updated (bivalent) booster. Plus, the U.S. government will be returning about one-third of the antiviral Paxlovid courses it purchased.

Pfizer stock first began trading on January 17, 1944. In the last three years, it has scored its annual high in December when planets in the sky were activating its first-trade sun, Mercury, Venus or Uranus. To do so this year would be a tall order, with the current 2023 high at $51.60, and the stock now trading in the $30s.

Still, this year, watch December 12 for a high when the sun, moon and Mars conjoin natal Venus while Mercury and Venus are connecting to first-trade Mercury. Another potential date for a high is December 1, when the sun and Mars oppose the market’s Mars and Uranus while the natal sun receives an opposition from the moon and exact square from Venus. 

November 20 could see a low because the sun and moon are opposing the stock’s first-trade Mars and Uranus. In addition, Venus opposes the natal moon and the moon opposes natal Jupiter.

Weekly Highlights

  • Gold High on Wednesday, October 25—The three most-sensitive planets in gold’s first-trade chart are each receiving strong aspects from transiting planets. The sun receives a square from Mercury and Mars in addition to a trine from Jupiter. Mercury receives a trine from Venus. Venus receives a trine from Venus and Uranus. The cherry on top is that the moon conjoins first-trade Jupiter and the sun conjoins first-trade Uranus. Look for resistance in December futures $10 per oz. either side of $2000.
  • Soybeans Low on Friday, October 27—The soybean market has a strong, sensitive axis between Venus and Uranus at 08 Taurus. That is activated by the transiting sun, Mercury and Mars conjunct Venus and transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus. In addition, the transiting moon opposes the market’s natal sun. November futures could find strong support between $12.75 per bu. and $12.98.
  • Bitcoin Low on Saturday, October 28—The sensitive moon/Mercury opposition in bitcoin’s first-trade horoscope is hit from both sides to form a grand square with Saturday’s full moon/lunar eclipse as well as nearby Mercury and Mars. Watch for support levels from $27,880-$28,010 and also $26,910-$26.980.

All times Eastern

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