Part of Fortune in Aries: Natal Chart

June 22, 2022

The part of fortune (lot of fortune) in the birth chart symbolizes where you find joy and natural talents. Learn more about part of fortune in Aries. 

What Is the Part of Fortune in Astrology? 

The part of fortune—sometimes called the “lot of fortune” or the “Fortuna”— is the area in our birth chart that shows us our natural talents that will make us successful and where we feel most comfortable within ourselves. 

While most of our birth chart is made up of where the planets were in the sky at the exact moment we were born, the part of fortune isn’t a planet or an asteroid. It’s the exact spot where your sun, moon, and rising sign are in harmony with each other. Knowing where your big three come together can help you unlock your true potential and allow you to feel your best self. 

The part of fortune represents many things: joy, the flow of energy, abundance, charisma, and well-being. However, at its core, the part of fortune shows us what we need to embrace about ourselves to achieve our goals. 

The talents and characteristics of the part of fortune change with each sign that it’s in. Let’s see how this placement manifests itself when it’s in the energetic and courageous Aries. 

Part of Fortune in Aries

The first planet in the zodiac, Aries is known for being pioneering, innovative, and independent. When the part of fortune is in the fiery ram, success comes from taking action. We find our comfort zone when we are no longer in our comfort zone. Ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, Aries finds success and fortune when engaged in battle. 

Whether they are competing with other people, themselves, or even the universe itself, the part of fortune in Aries needs to win to achieve their glory. This doesn’t have to be dramatic like winning a boxing match or a war. These battles can be internal struggles like winning a battle against an illness or achieving the life you want in the face of great struggles. Part of fortune in Aries has to go through a lot in this life, but it emerges as the victor. 

The part of fortune in Aries embraces leadership, bravery, independence, and taking action. It feels most comfortable when it’s on the move, preferability to its next challenge.   

Natal Chart 

When the part of fortune is in Aries in the natal chart, you are responsible for making your own luck. Throughout your life, you’ll be put in difficult situations where you’ll need to find your own way out. These won’t be conventional solutions, but you will get stronger each time to choose to do something innovative but difficult instead of taking the easy way out. 

When your natal part of fortune is in Aries, you are your own best asset. When you know exactly what you want, you’ll put all your energy, drive, and passion towards achieving it—and usually succeed. Self-reliant, determined, and capable, when something lights a spark in you, you’ll follow it through until the end. While you may not intentionally seek positions of leadership, you end up becoming a leader, simply because you were doing your own thing and others follow along. 

However, while you are your best asset, you are also your worst enemy. This can manifest in two ways: becoming too impulsive and reckless that you don’t even think about the future until it’s too late, or becoming too passive where you go through the motions of life, too crushed with self-doubt to take action to change your faith.

Fortunately, both can be cured with the self-awareness that you’ll develop the older you get. This placement will give you challenges throughout your life and is your duty to rise and meet them without burning yourself out. 

The part of fortune in Aries will help you overcome the fear of challenges and bring out your courageous side. You will learn that you feel the most comfortable when you are in action, putting forth the effort to achieve something you care about. Serenity is found in the struggle. 

How To Find Your Part of Fortune? 

Finding your part of fortune is a little more difficult than finding other parts of your chart, especially as we’ll be doing more math. The part of fortune is calculated by using the degree that your ascendant sign is in, minus the degree of your sun sign, and adding the degree of your moon sign. 

Did all of that just give you a headache? Then get a birth chart reading done to discover your part of fortune. 

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