Part of Fortune in Cancer: Natal Chart

April 15, 2022

A Part of Fortune in Cancer describes someone whose natural talent for caretaking helps them succeed. Here’s what to know and how to calculate it. The Part of Fortune is one of the Arabic Parts or Lots and is calculated by using your sun, moon and rising signs.

In astrology, the Part of Fortune can speak to worldly accomplishments, career, and even things related to our physical body or health. You can blend the sign of your Part of Fortune and what house is shows up in your birth chart to uncover what it means for you.

What Is Part of Fortune?

The Part of Fortune is a point in your birth chart that can speak to your fortune, health, and success in the world. It is not to be confused with a planet, this is a calculated point that factors in your sun, moon and rising sign.

“The Part of Fortune is associated with overall success, gains, and where one can be rather fortunate in their lifetime,” MaKayla McRae, astrologer and Tarot reader behind the Starry-Eyed Mystic, says. “It can even show things related to your physical body and health.”

In ancient astrology, the Part of Fortune was heavily considered and factored into astrology and birth chart readings. “Although this might not be the most popular astrology placement by today’s standards, in the ancient world, astrologers considered the Part of Fortune to be one of the most important, foundational placements to consider in any chart.” It can shed light on where and how we achieve success and fulfillment during this lifetime.

Part of Fortune in Cancer

The Part of Fortune in Cancer reveals that someone with this placement will experience success and fortune through Cancerian qualities and experiences.

“The Part of Fortune in Cancer can show that this person attracts luck and fortune to them through their nurturing qualities,” McRae says. “Rather intuitive, they are able to use their perceptive skills to read the room with ease, and make others feel comfortable and understood.”

A key to unlocking more magic in one’s life is through security. Someone with the Part of Fortune in Cancer seeks stability and comfort in the domestic sense. “Regardless of their gender, they may embody rather motherly, caring, devoted energy,” she adds. “They know how to make people feel comforted and safe. They give off a familiar, comforting vibe, and their best successes come to them when they’re able to integrate their vulnerable side.” 

In the Houses

1st House

When your Part of Fortune is in the first house, your authenticity is your superpower. The more you step into sharing from a place of embodying your true genuine expression, the more rewards you will receive. This placement sends cosmic reassurance that you know what’s best for you. Embrace your own unique approach to life, it will deliver rewards.

2nd House

When your Part of Fortune is in the second house, developing a healthy relationship with abundance, finances and self-worth is key. Learning to recognize your skills and talents as assets will lead you to the financial freedom that you crave. Learning that money is energy and releasing a scarcity mindset will deliver the financial protection you desire. 

3rd House

When your Part of Fortune is in the third house, the flow of ideas and communication brings rewards. You may feel called to teach, mentor, or continue to learn and take classes, acquiring more knowledge and skills. You are an eternal student and love the exchange of information. Learning to communicate authentically and share information and learn from others will create space for more magic in your life.

4th House

When your Part of Fortune is in the fourth house, it’s very similar to having the Part of Fortune in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Family, security, and safety are all important themes. Embracing your intuition, vulnerability and creating a cohort of people who you can trust and lean on for support will open doors for you.

5th House

In the fifth house, MaKayla McRae explains, “The Part of Fortune experiences luck, success, and growth associated with creativity, talents, and overall pleasure. This can make for a naturally ‘lucky’ person, so long as they follow their joy!”

The Part of Fortune here indicates that rewards appear when one follows their own personal hobbies and activities that light up their inner child and current sense of self. “Their ability to focus on what makes them happy, unapologetically, is their superpower,” she adds. “With the 5th house being associated with children, it’s also fair to say that if they have children, they may be very strong, talented, successful, or ambitious.” 

6th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the sixth house, your rewards come when you are mindful of the mundane. Your daily routine and health matter greatly. When you adopt a healthy morning routine, exercise routine, or self-care routine that nourishes and replenishes you, you are capable of anything. Being of service and helping others also heals you in a way.

7th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the seventh house, relationships can change your life. You may experience “luck” through partnership and networking. Maintaining healthy, balanced and boundaried relationships can help you reach new heights. Learning to find balance and deep connection with someone else will be transformational. 

8th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the eighth house, allowing old versions of yourself to die off and regenerate as a new being is your superpower. Transformation and otherworldly intimacy are what you crave. You may also have an interest or gifts in the occult world. This is a placement of power. Someone who faces their deepest pain head-on and alchemizes it into pure gold.

9th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the ninth house, taking risks and seeking new experiences remind you of your limitless potential. You crave to learn from others and adopt new perspectives. You are a forever student of the Universe, curiously seeking the meaning of life. Spiritual practices can also lead to success.

10th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the tenth house, your ability to release any fear about leadership and responsibility brings life-changing experiences. You yearn for material success. To leave a mark on this world and perhaps a profound legacy. You have luck on your side to do so, you just need to accept the reality of the responsibility that comes along with it.

11th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the eleventh house, connection and community light you up. Making an effort to connect with like-minded individuals or participate in groups where you can share ideas and stories with people who have similar beliefs or values means the world to you. You can achieve otherworldly luck via networking. Contributing to the collective and integrating humanitarian work into your life can be more than meaningful. 

12th House

When the Part of Fortune is in the twelfth house, you have an unparalleled connection to the Universe. Perhaps you are psychic or are a healer. This type of energy can be used to help others transmute their pain into power. Your ability to sit with yourself in solitude and lend yourself compassion when you need it most is critical. Your gifts come from trusting your intuition and spiritual team and diving deep into the unknown of your unconscious.

Calculate Part of Fortune

To calculate the Part of Fortune you will need to have access to your birth chart. “The Part of Fortune is calculated by looking at where your ‘big three’ placements meet—your sun, moon and rising sign,” McRae says.

First, you need to figure out, were you born during the day or at night? If you have a day chart, your sun sits in your birth chart in houses 7-12. If you have a night chart, your sun sits in one of the houses 1-6.

If you have a day chart, to calculate your Lot of Fortune, you take the degrees of distance between your Ascendant, or rising sign, and the degrees of your moon sign and subtract the degrees from your sun sign. In other words: (Ascendant + moon – sun). If you have a night chart, the formula is: Ascendant + sun – moon.

Luckily, most astrology software and programming will calculate your Part of Fortune for you automatically. There are many places where you can calculate it online, so you don’t have to have middle-school math class flashbacks.

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