Venus in Sagittarius: Love That Feels Like an Adventure

December 7, 2020

On December 15, 2020 at 8:21a.m. Pacific Time, Venus moves from fixed and watery Scorpio, into mutable and fiery Sagittarius.

While Venus traveled through the dark and mysterious waters of Scorpio, she was met with the unbridled intensity that comes with the territory. Here, she danced with her taboos and sunk into the unexplored caverns of her desire that only exist in the shadow. Astrologically speaking, Scorpio is not the easiest landscape for Venus to traverse, because it’s the sign that sits opposite her home sign of Taurus. But alas, she’s also no stranger to this realm, as many ancient myths have spoken about the goddess’ descent into the abyss. 

Take the lore of sweet and innocent Persephone, who was abducted and kidnapped by Hades to the underworld, on a bright spring morning while picking flowers with her mother Demeter. This legend goes on to reveal that she eventually becomes the Queen of the Underworld and Hades’ wife. While some may view this myth as a tragic tale of a stolen life, it was actually her destiny to fully embody this polarity. What this story reminds us of is that we do not exist separate from our duality—that understanding our shadow desires, especially in terms of love and relationships, is just as crucial to our journey as understanding our conscious desires for romance. Hopefully, during this transit, an awareness about what lurks beneath the surface was revealed to you. Once we make the unconscious conscious, we are more able to alchemize and integrate this knowledge of self into a source of power. 

Now that Venus is ascending from the depths of Scorpio and into the limitless, outward expression that is Sagittarius, her modus operandi is much lighter and more inclined towards expansion. The zodiac is a metaphor for our life’s voyage through our internal world and external reality. Since Venus just finished a profound quest deep within, the pendulum now swings to the other end. Signified by the Archer, whose bow is aimed towards the center of our galaxy, exhilarating and confident Sagittarius inspires the goddess of love and beauty to elevate her consciousness beyond the ordinary. The freedom that comes with the alchemy of the psyche, or making the unconscious conscious, is what fuels Venus’ transit through the sign of Sagittarius. With a new understanding of what exists deep within, true liberation is now possible. 

During Venus’ stay in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, she values joy, excitement, and freedom above all else. This transit reminds us that in love, we have options, and we don’t have to settle for anything less than what’s on our vision boards. Right now, we are more inclined towards love that feels like the adventure of a lifetime. Playing mind games and acting possessive or controlling may have our lovers running in the opposite direction, as Venus wants to feel as open, unfiltered, and unrestrained as possible in Sagittarius. 

If you’re single and calling in partnership, this transit invites you to lighten up, remain optimistic, and revisit your philosophy on romance. Now is a great time to come back to your list of qualities in your ideal partner and to boldly visualize love that makes you feel abundant. Since exaggeration and going above and beyond are signature qualities of Sagittarius, be wary of any new lovers that come in and over-promise the world to you right off the bat. It’s not that they don’t feel that way on some level—they very well might.
venus in sagittarius 2020
But since this Venus transit is defined through the lens of charismatic and exuberant Sagittarius, we’re more inclined to enthusiastically state our lofty desires and maybe be just as quick to abandon them. Keep the rose-colored glasses on if you like, but don’t forget to take them off once in a while to make sure their actions are matching their words. All that glitters isn’t gold and if it feels too good to be true or intuitively feels off, trust your internal guidance.

Once Venus moves into Capricorn, the reality of the situation will be a lot clearer. If you’re partnered, these next few weeks are an opportunity to go beyond your relationship comfort zone. Take a spontaneous weekend trip out into nature if you can, learn something new together, or switch up your usual routine in some way. If your relationship is feeling lackluster or confined, this transit should loosen things up a bit and inspire more passion, buoyancy, and vibrance into your field. 

Since Venus also rules over our personal finances, one thing to be mindful of is overspending. Sagittarius energy is as generous as it gets and may have us dropping dollars left and right— whether we have them or not! While there is nothing wrong with the spirit of giving, especially during this holiday season, make sure to keep one foot on the ground when it comes to your money. Don’t over give to the point of making things difficult for your future self. Venus in Sagittarius will have us feeling bountiful in the moment, but temperance is key here. Stay tethered to your financial reality by budgeting what you realistically have to give. 

In terms of glamour and personal style, we’re switching out our darker palettes to more glitter and sparkle. Experiment with some bright patterns and bold looks this season. Venus in Sagittarius is all about fashion that is loud and playful, a perfect time to show off your favorite statement piece. Even if Covid lockdowns have you stuck at home, bust out the resort wear on a Friday to embody Venus in Sagittarius. Or make a Pinterest board full of outfits you are going to wear on your next vacation. 

Making the most of this transit requires us to loosen our grip and keep our eye on the bigger picture in terms of love, romance, and relationships. Tune into the energy of Sagittarius through your intimate partnerships by asking questions that prompt philosophical inquiry. Contemplate the trajectory of your love life and see if you can pinpoint any nuggets of wisdom that release you of the burdens you’ve been carrying. Choose love that makes you feel unconfined and honors your independent desires and wishes. If that means choosing yourself over a situation that keeps you feeling small, unseen, or unappreciated, know that you have the support of the goddess of love in your decision.