Virgo Sun Taurus Moon: Personality, Compatibility, More

June 22, 2022

Here, we’ll go over what it means if your birth chart has a combined sun in Virgo and moon in Taurus, and what these placements mean for synastry.

Sun in Virgo 

Perfectionist, critical, and organized—these are the keywords we typically associate with Virgo. However, Virgo’s often get a negative rap for their fussy and critical ways. However, this earth sign is often kind, compassionate, and willing to give others a helping hand without asking for anything in return. 

The sun is in Virgo from August 23 to September 22, when the seasons change from summer to fall. A mutable sign, Virgo can adaptable to any situation—from the shifting season to change in plans. This is probably why they always have a dozen backup plans ready to go. Their natural resourcefulness allows them to survive any condition that comes their way. 

Your sun sign is probably the sign most people are familiar with, as you only need to know your birthday to discover it. Your sun sign represents who you are at your core. The key parts of your personality, identity, and who you’re going to become in this life.

If your sun sign is in Virgo, you are methodical, practical, and modest. You are quick-witted but tend to overthink things which can lead to tension and anxiety. While Virgo is associated with being a “perfectionist”, they aren’t all neat freaks or perfect at everything. 

At their core, Virgo suns are gifted (and cursed) with the ability to see the flaws in life and a strong urge to fix things: from a crack in a wall to the injustices in the world—they are looking for what is “right” not what is “perfect.” 

Moon in Taurus 

While most basic astrology focuses on our sun sign, the moon holds a lot of influence on our lives: from moon phases to moon sign. Our moon sign comes from what sign the moon was in the moment you were born. 

However, this can be a little trickier to find as the moon moves through a sign every two to two and a half days, making it harder to track. Our moon sign represents our emotions and how we understand those emotions, our inner selves, our comfort zones, and who we are when no one is around. 

If your moon sign is in Taurus, you’re someone who values safety and security above all else. In both emotional stability and physical stability (steady income, material goods, a nice house, etc). However, it’s the love of stability that makes the Taurus moon so emotional steady. 

A fixed sign, not much can rattle this earthy moon. They have strong emotional roots that help them grow. It’s hard to sway a Taurus moon, once they have their minds and hearts set on something, it’s very hard to change it. Making them both very devoted and very stubborn. 


A double earth sign, a Virgo sun with a Taurus moon amplifies all of earth’s elemental traits: practical, enduring, patient, loyal, and productive. This person is a realist, seeing life for how it is. 

They are hard workers and can become very successful in this life because of their professional nature and their strong desire to create to be successful—emotionally and financially. These people attract money, and because of Virgo’s frugal nature, will make money and invest it wisely. 

They would also be great in working in high-stress situations as Virgo’s resourcefulness and organization blend well with Taurus’s steadiness. With chaos all around them, a Virgo sun/Taurus moon can stay strong and get things done. 

However, because of Virgo’s overthinking and Taurus’s need for comfort, they can often be worriers, fretting over everything—especially finances and security. If hurt at a young age, Virgo sun/Taurus moon may find it difficult to open up or trust people, looking at the world through a critical eye. For certain people, they might feel nothing is ever good enough for them.

However, at their core, Virgo sun/Taurus moon placements are honest, resilient, and responsible. They just need to learn how to open up and let people in. 

Compatibility (Synastry) 

It’s written in the stars if you find yourself blessed with a Virgo sun and Taurus moon, as this earthy duo is very compatible with each other as both signs are grounded, practical, and both usually have the same values.

Taurus moon stability can soothe the Virgo sun who often over-analyzes every situation, while the Taurus moon loves Virgo adaptability where they can make any situation work (as Taurus moon is set in their ways). This energy compliments each other nicely, as long they don’t become too rigid. 

For compatibility, a Virgo sun/Taurus moon person would get along well with someone who has a Virgo moon, so that the Virgo sun knows exactly how the Virgo moon is feeling and relate to them. 

A Taurus sun/Virgo moon or a Capricorn sun/Virgo moon would make ideal partners. This earthy combination would also get along with a water element, someone who can tap into their emotions. A Cancer sun or a Pisces moon would really help this, sometimes cold, sign get in touch with their feels. 


If I’m a Taurus, what is my moon sign? 

Moon signs are a little trickier to find than your sun sign because, while the sun spends 30 days in a sign, the moon moves through a sign every two-two and a half days. This is why it’s so important to know your birth time as the moon can move out of one sign and into the other on the same day. Get a birth chart reading to discover your moon sign. 

Is Taurus a sun or a moon sign?

Both! Taurus is an astrological sign, meaning that the sun, moon, and planets can move into Taurus. 

What does it mean when the moon is in Taurus? 

When the moon is in Taurus, it’s a time to go slow. It’s not a time to jump head first into new projects, but for putting into the work to achieve your goals. It’s also a good day to treat yourself to something nice—as long as you don’t blow your budget. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

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