Weekly Horoscope: February 7–February 13, 2021

February 6, 2021

As we continue our backward trek this week, reviewing our lives, decisions, and plans due to the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, we have another slower period ahead of us. February 8, 11, and 13 will bring good news and happy opportunities, while the tenth could cause friction within our lives. Mercury will be the most active planet this week, revealing that our minds will be doing their best to sort matters out.

The eighth will bring major insight and mental revelations, while the eleventh and thirteenth glisten like gold for all romantic relationships. The eleventh will be one of the most blessed days for love and pleasure in all of 2021—so don’t miss this moment to plan something special with your soulmate or put yourself out there to meet someone new. Don’t commit or make promises, though, as Mercury is out of tune.

Our cosmic messenger aligns with our blazing sun on the eighth, bringing clarity, vision, and insight to our minds. However, as Mercury will be retrograde, it is quite likely these mental breakthroughs will all be about previous situations, discussions, or relationships. This will still indicate quite a busy day, nonetheless! Send an important message now. Beware the tenth, though, as Mercury clashes with Mars and could elicit rushed thinking and anger, particularly due to stubbornness.

As the new moon in Aquarius is born on the eleventh, a fresh start regarding our hopes, dreams, and ideas for the future will begin to formulate. This is one of the best times of the year to volunteer or get involved in your community. Reach out to friends and acquaintances—especially those who you may have not heard from in a while, as Mercury retrograde is the perfect moment to reconnect.

February 11 also brings a dazzling alignment of Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, bringing our two benefic planets into an embrace. This foretells spectacular news around relationships, romance, pleasure, happiness, beauty, and money. Plan something special on this date, whether that be socializing with friends and attending a party, asking someone on a first meeting, or surprising your significant other with a gift.

Mercury cuddles up with Venus next on the thirteenth, bringing the mind and heart into perfect alignment. This is a dazzling day to tell someone how you feel about them or find harmony with others. Again, as our cosmic messenger is calling on the past, you may be thinking of or hearing from someone you have a history with. For those looking to reconnect with an ex-lover or friend, a message today could be like shooting Cupid’s arrow straight through the chest!

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The thirteenth also aligns passionate Mars with sensitive Neptune. This will unite the sexual with the spiritual, providing a tremendous urge for sensual connection. This further enhances the previous aspect between Mercury and Venus, making February 13 a five-star day for love, romance, and sex. Considering Valentine’s Day is the fourteenth, this energy will still resonate then, too. However, for best luck, schedule something early on the thirteenth, instead.

Major Transits of the Week

2/8 — Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius

2/10 — Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus

2/11 — New Moon in Aquarius

2/11 — Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius

2/13 — Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aquarius

2/13 — Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

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Officially Kicks off a Year of Massive Change



The new moon aligns with your solar eleventh house this week, bringing a stellium of planets into focus here, Aries. Expect plenty of invites and messages from your personal and professional network.


Get ready to take on more projects and pursue your greatest starpower, Taurus. The new moon this week could bring discussions from the past back about a promotion, leadership role, or favorable career opportunity.


Soar toward new horizons, Gemini. The new moon this week highlights your solar ninth house, giving you the impetus to begin working on a publishing, media, immigration, or academic endeavor.


Embrace your sensual side when the new moon in your solar eighth house arrives this week, Cancer. You’ll beable to grow closer with someone you adore or explore your sexual needs.


It’s time to grow closer or leave your partner behind. Leo. The new moon this week could bring discussions of moving in, engagement, marriage, or other long-term plans—especially if you previously had brought them up but had agreed to table them until a later time.


Get ready to hustle, Virgo. Use the energy of this week’s new moon to find a better job or take on more projects with your current employer.


Single Libras will shout from the rooftops this week as a new moon arrives in your solar fifth house of true love and romance! With a stellium of planets also here, this bodes well for anyone who is ready for their soulmate.


Many Scorpios could begin working on a real estate plan, renovation project, or moving to a new location this week when the new moon arrives. Consider how you can update your living space with new technology.


All communication projects will see a special interest from you once the new moon arrives this week, Sagittarius. This may even bring back old writing, speaking, and marketing initiatives you had previously tabled.


It’s time to buckle down on your budget, Capricorn. The new moon shines in your solar second house of income. Crunch your numbers now.


The most important new moon of the year arrives for you this week, Aquarius. With a stellium of planets also in your zodiac sign, you have a rare opportunity to move all matters in your favor.


Rest, recharge, and daydream this week, Pisces. The new moon is caressing your soul and encouraging you to find stillness.