Who Are the Best (and Worst) Dads in the Zodiac?

June 14, 2018

While it’s true that no two people parent the same way, the key to whether or not your partner will be the dad of your dreams may be written in the stars.

Given that the entirety of good parenting is mostly contingent upon a few core traits – patience, reliability, and loyalty, to name a few – it’s impossible to say whether or not any given sign will be a good parent, but it’s safe to say which among them naturally possess the disposition to be really amazing with kids.

It’s not a catch-all, but given the traits, each sign tends to be known for, here is who makes the best and worst parent.

Looking for insight into your child’s personality, strengths, and potential challenges?

The Best


With their soft disposition, a penchant for family, security, and home – as well as their uncanny ability to empathize – the Cancer man can make an amazing dad.
Sure, they might get testy when they’re pushed beyond their limit (who doesn’t?) but generally, Cancer dads are the most amazing mix of extremely loyal, completely present, totally devoted, and at times, willing to be a disciplinarian if the need arises.


It might come as a surprise to some, but a Libra man can actually make an amazing parent.
Libras are so inclined to create beauty and harmony in their lives that they build some of the strongest relationships with their kids. They also tend to raise their children with an iron fist… in a silk glove.


The Virgo man can make an amazing dad because they are generally very concerned with the well-being of those they love.
And, when it comes to their own kids, that goes into total overdrive. They are the type of dad that goes to every PTA meeting, never misses a soccer game, and constantly thinks of ways to make life more fun, interesting, and engaging for their child.

The Worst


Though, of course, this may not be true of every Aquarius man, but when it comes down to it, child rearing just might not come naturally to them.
It’s not that Aquarius dads are intentionally disengaged parents, it’s that they are often so focused on projects or social engagements outside of their home life that sometimes, the hard work of parenting a child can feel like a drag and an obligation more than an overall rewarding (if sometimes challenging) experience.


On the surface, it seems as though a Pisces man should make a great dad. But in reality, they are so often consumed with their own needs that being selfless enough to raise a child well doesn’t always come naturally to them.
Pisces can make great parents when they feel completely content with where they are in life. But if they are dissatisfied, their internal brooding and dreaminess just won’t translate well into being a family man.


The Capricorn man’s notorious stiffness makes them some of the least natural when it comes to kids.
Their hearts are in the right place – they really do want to be great parents, they love the idea of it – but trying so hard to seem like the fun, carefree parent eventually collides with their rigidness and insecurities. Overall, it could be a tough path for them.