Horoscope mensuel des rencontres Verseau

Mois de février 2024

You are your own promoter at the start of February when Mercury enters your sign on February 4. You’ll be singing your praises on dating apps and dates as you show lovers how amazing you are. Go on a first date when the new moon is in your sign on the ninth, Aquarius. It’s the perfect day for a fresh start.

Cupid hits you with the arrow of self-love when Mars and Venus enter your sign on February 12 and February 16, respectively, and you are your own Valentine. Let your freak flag fly! You’re not toning yourself down for anyone. Use your energy to make a bold first impression and focus on a new romantic chapter.

However, make sure you invest your time wisely when the sun and Mercury enter Pisces on the eighteenth and twenty-second, respectively. You’re not looking to waste your time on fair-weather flings. Look for dates who share your values or swipe left.

End February with the best date night during the Virgo full moon on February 24. Intimate words can bond you together, so use this lunar energy to take a relationship to the next level. Transform your dating life and embrace your romantic power.

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A trine between romantic Venus and your individualistic home planet Uranus appears on February 7, highlighting your amazing, offbeat personality. If you’ve felt the need to mask who you truly are recently, Aquarius, a current or potential partner will be (pleasantly) surprised when you debut your authentic self. On the twelfth, powerful Mars pairs with your innovative sign, encouraging you to act on some of your unique (and strange) ideas. It will be important to be with or look for someone now who is willing to give you freedom to pursue your...

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Abundance is coming this month, Aquarius, which means that your bank account will be hitting a high. When Venus rolls into Aquarius on February 16, there will be a huge shift in the way that you save your cash and budget yourself. The caveat is that you might do more talking about the new financial direction you are taking instead of actually putting your pennies in an IRA. On the contrary, you might want to connect with a financial adviser who can assist you in your plans to ensure monetary well-being. The new moon on the ninth (which aligns...

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Horoscope quotidien de rencontres Verseau

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You can see the extraordinary in the most mundane things, so it's no surprise that you'll make a connection that never occurred to you before. It's going to make life a lot more interesting.

Horoscope hebdomadaire des rencontres Verseau

Semaine dus 18 février 2024

You'll be tapped into some sweet social energy early this week, and you might want to try connecting with that one friend or sweetie who's been distant lately. You'll be surprised by what happens next. Thursday and Friday will bring a strange feeling or two your way that will push you back a little...

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