Horoscope mensuel de l'amour du Poissons

Mois de février 2024

Your creativity flows during the Mercury-Neptune sextile on February 2, so any dates or solo outings you have planned for the first week of the month should include the arts in some way. An activity like going to the theater, taking a sculpting class, or singing karaoke can bring success to your love life in one way or another.

On the seventh, there’s a sensual Mars-Neptune sextile that can elevate your sex life if you can find a way to let go of your shyness and inhibitions. If you’re in a committed relationship yet don’t feel comfortable enough to share your fantasies, it’s time to deal with underlying trust issues.

The confidence-boosting sun enters your first house on February 18, bringing out your best qualities. If you’ve been doubting that your crush could fall for you or that your current partner really loves you as much as they say they do, it’s time to stop! You are so lovable, Pisces, and this bright transit is all about celebrating that fact.

As thoughtful Mercury enters your wistful sign on the twenty-second, your dreams begin to produce a lot of valuable information, so do your best to remember them and look up their symbolism in the coming week. A lot of details about your love life, future soul mate, etc., are revealed in many different ways now. Look for the signs everywhere.

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Horoscope mensuel du travail

The first half of February will be focused on healing and gaining insight into your professional aspirations. However, once the sun enters your sign on February 18, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle new projects with creativity and alignment with the cosmos. The wounded Centaur and healer Chiron link up with the North Node of Destiny in Aries. These two forces will connect in the financial sector of your chart on February 19, providing an opportunity to improve your economic situation. On the twenty-second, Mercury connects with...

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Horoscope mensuel des rencontres

It’s Valentine’s season, but you just can’t get into the spirit when your mind is on a former lover when Mercury enters Pisces on February 4. Put a pause on dating as you focus on healing your broken heart. Use the Aquarius new moon on the ninth to hibernate and move on emotionally. Which might include letting go of relationships that are no longer serving you when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius on February 12 and February 16, respectively. Use this energy to block your exes, delete dating apps, and focus on healing your heart without...

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Horoscope quotidien de l'amour de la Poissons

23 février

A magical period lies ahead of you today and tomorrow, Pisces. Venus will throw on her most attractive robes and put up her hair as she decides to go on a date with mighty Jupiter, your planetary co-ruler. Whenever these two celestial objects interact, a time of fun, games, laughter, and euphoria...

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Horoscope hebdomadaire de l'amour du Poissons

Semaine dus 18 février 2024

The week ahead highlights your communication during the beginning of your solar return on the eighteenth and when Mercury aligns with your sun on the twenty-second. With the full moon energy accentuating the relationship sector of your chart on the twenty-fourth, you will be able to think about...

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Horoscope amoureux annuel Poissons

Année 2024

When it come to love, Pisces, you’re usually all in, and this year is no exception. You’re a starry-eyed dreamer who’s in love with the idea of love, but your expectations and hopes are often dashed by reality. In 2024, you’ll be using different techniques to make sure that your love life lives up...

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