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Year of 2016: Wow, Sagittarius, in 2016 you could not be more into your own interests and developments if you wanted to. It looks like the stars are giving you a free pass to indulge in your own pleasures and pursuits. Nice!

As the year begins, eight of the moving stars are in the eastern hemisphere of your chart, the hemisphere that is all about you and what you want. Saturn, the wisdom figure, is in your sign, and as you indulge yourself totally, you are taking those indulgences seriously. There is nothing trivial about your personal interests this year.

It's the personal stars, though, that add zing to everyday life and they revolve around your love interests. Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be moving quickly through the relationship houses, so that your partner gets some well-deserved attention.

The mischievous star Mercury rules the house of love and committed relationships and he stops and starts four times this year, which is out of the ordinary, bringing more of those torrid interludes that you do love. This is the kind of year you may have dreamed about in the past... and here it is in living color, Sag.

Year of 2016: Mercury moves into retrograde motion almost immediately this year and it adds romantic confusion and a tad of a frenzy to your life since he can move in and out of a hot love affair before his partner is even sure he's been there.

Mars, that sexy warrior, is thinking out of the box in the Twelfth House of keeping mum and spending almost three months in this area of the chart, adding a touch of intrigue as well as secrecy to your romantic forays.

Committed relationships are not your priority just now, but wicked love trysts are, and you are definitely more vulnerable in those sexy interludes. That means hands off of those who are already attached. A romantic situation that begins this year has the opportunity to grow, but you are definitely in a closed mouth state of mind and will be relying on physical rather than verbal ways to express your feelings.

A Solar Eclipse on March 8th and then the follow-up Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd provide a sexy two-week window of opportunity for love. The March 8th Eclipse seems to have a built-in escape hatch that appeals to you, and the Lunar on March 23rd finds you making the decision as to whether you stay or go.

Saturn is about to bring staying power to the carefree Sag and it brings it to every physical effort you make. Your playful attitude about romance delights, but when you add the extra ounce of intensity you have this year, your appeal is magnified.

It appears to a partner that you are the stuff dreams are made of. Another pair of eclipses on September 1st and 16th could find you smitten, and your free spirit becomes proprietary as you catch the eye of a new face. You feel immediately as though the two of you are transmitting secret messages, and you read them loud and clear and they might make you blush. Someone finds you more than just sexy, they find you irresistible.

The transit of Saturn through Sagittarius is fun if you can think of it as a new escapade and not the beginning of a new and tamer you, although that just might be the case with this stern star of fate in your sign for the next two years, Sag.

Year of 2016: Jupiter, your ruler, that huge, happy-go-lucky star is in the Tenth House of career as 2016 begins. He is occupying a position of power along with the North Node, the directional signal of your life. Whether you've been working at your career or not, this area of your life is hot.

Add to the heat Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune start in a heavenly dance contest you plan to win or at least come in second, no matter how hard it seems. The week of March 20th they perform in front of the judge, and it's a time you should be prepared to go full speed ahead toward your goals.

You might feel a bit of conflict as you are getting mixed messages with Saturn telling you to work hard, while Neptune is whispering in your ear that you are a shoo-in and could just wing it. These opposing stars are dragging Jupiter into the fray and he wants to win at any cost.

Saturn is the architect of destiny and in the 1st house where he is residing there can be a feeling on ennui... that maybe you've "been there done that" in your career and it's time to make a change. Whether this change is big (a total makeover) or just an upgrade to your current position it could create a feeling of confusion or lack of clarity unless you already know your new direction.

Actually this is probably not new information as you may have been feeling a need for change, or a breath of fresh air in the career sector starting in 2015, but there has been a yellow light signaling caution for some time now. In 2016 it is poised to turn green.

Sag, this is an exciting time in life, although it may come disguised as discomfort it's never been your style to run from a challenge... although each and every one of you may not feel this impetus to make a move. In September a Solar Eclipse in Virgo -- your career house -- could shed light on a new direction or even a minor change, and it will come as news out of the blue. In matters of career you may look back with nostalgia at 2016 as a much needed crossroad.

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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