Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for the Week of May 22, 2022

Week of May 22, 2022

This week, the path is laid out before you and you’re making great headway. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 22, with Mars in Pisces and your house of family making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and your house of finances. Sagittarius, you might be pulling the family together to discuss a spending plan to eliminate debt. You could start a debt snowball and let it build into an avalanche by putting every extra dollar toward student loan debt or credit card balances.

On Monday, May 23, the sun in Gemini and your house of relationships makes a sextile to Jupiter in your house of pleasure and romance. Sagittarius, you and your sweetheart could have an exceptionally good time (one that primarily happens behind closed doors). You may have waited a long while for this time together, and now the fireworks are happening. If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent day for finding someone who is quite special.

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Weekly Love

With Mars moving into Aries and activating the sector of your chart that rules romance on May 24, matters of the heart will take up a significant amount of space in your consciousness. The best way to catch the attention of others right now would be to showcase your talents, intellect, and unique life perspective. However, you'll also need to put yourself out there, so don't take a back seat when it comes to making new connections. Chance encounters could manifest with others. Use these vibes to stoke up a conversation with that cutie at the...

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Weekly Work

Work is about to take a few twists and turns, Sagittarius!

Time to finish up any domestic duties under the last quarter moon in Pisces on Sunday, May 22. Lovely Luna is ready to swim away from your private responsibilities, so use this energy to wrap things up to focus on other personal pursuits. As this unfolds, Mercury retrograde leaves Gemini for Taurus. Part two of Mercury retrograde will impact daily operations at work, shaking up your otherwise consistent routine and work-life. Mercury retrograde will cause classic...

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Weekly Dating

You can only win big if there's a risk of getting shot down. Remember that as you ponder what to do next on Monday. Take care of business as usual through much of the week, making sure you've got your bills paid and your work taken care of, because it might be a wild ride when the weekend hits. You'll want to be everywhere at once, and your friends will pull you along with them wherever they go. By the time Sunday starts to flatten out, you'll have a lot on your mind and be ready for some serious downtime.