Gemini Daily Bonus Horoscope

September 25, 2023

Focus on creative ways to make a change in your life. Get input from others.

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Daily Love Horoscope

Be sure to open up your mind and spirit today, Gemini. You’re downloading all sorts of energy! Jupiter, the mighty planet of miracles and expansion, has been dancing within your solar twelfth house for many months. On the one hand, this has strengthened your intuition, but it also means that someone or something — perhaps even a guardian angel — is working behind the scenes to ensure your happiness. Mental Mercury, your planetary ruler, in your solar fourth house will strike gold as he links to Jupiter, ensuring you can use your voice and ideas to transform your life and personal relationships. Sit down in silence and listen.

Daily Work Horoscope

What can you believe in, Gemini? You might lack a little faith right now, so a pep talk could be in order when Mercury in Virgo trines Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. Moving forward with your professional goals and ambitions can be daunting, especially if you lack self-assuredness. Instead of talking down to yourself, think of this trine as an excellent opportunity to reframe your mindset on your work life. You have a wonderful opportunity to adopt a more positive outlook on what you can do with your career path!

Daily Dating Horoscope

It's not often that you feel too busy, but today could be one of those days for you. Try to postpone anything you can and just tackle whatever is most crucial. You can handle it if you push it!

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