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Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

May 23, 2024

The universe is swirling with mystery and magic today, Scorpio. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, spins across the sky from you in the heavens and will use echolocation to connect with distant Neptune, now breaching over the waves of your solar fifth house of romance, passion, and dating. This means that you—above all—could find a true love soulmate connection if you’re willing to pursue someone who has a spiritual side to their personality. This person would nourish you and show you the vastness that lives within you. Go for it! Be brave.

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Daily Couples Horoscope

Let go of whatever is holding you back from doing everything you want to do. If you're not sure what it is, ask your loved one. They can see the ways in which you limit your own potential.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

No one can knock you off the cloud you are on now, no matter how hard they push.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 19, 2024

This week, you will be invited you to delve deep into the depths of your emotions and desires in your love life. With the full moon in Sagittarius on May 23 and Venus moving into Gemini on the same day, you will want to nurture your relationships with communication and focus on the relationship...

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Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of May 2024

When your mysterious co-leader Pluto heads retrograde in airy Aquarius on May 2, you’re ready to reflect logically—almost analytically—on what you’ve been through these past few months. You can’t ever remain entirely emotionless, but taking a cerebral perspective helps during this reflective...

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Scorpio Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2024

There’s value in empowering yourself in all areas of your life this year, Scorpio, especially love. You aren’t always great at focusing on what makes you happy (you take pride in making other people feel good), but getting more in tune with what you need emotionally and physically can transport...

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