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Both January and February transits help set the tone for 2018. Sagittarius Mars accents success if you stay with it (whatever “it” is) over and above any changes.

On February 10, fortunate Venus begins a transit in Pisces, your career house, occupied by ruler Neptune. This one asks if you’ve got questions and want rewards. Do some in-depth research before the conjunction happens in a couple of weeks and get lucky.

On the fifteenth, the Aquarius solar eclipse in your house of idealistic thoughts as guides to action accentuates far-reaching plans that lead to big changes. You may find there are even more opportunities than you imagined.

A sextile between intuitive Mercury in Pisces and deep-thinking Saturn in Capricorn combines the best of both worlds on February 21. It is excellent energy if you’re in serious discussions.

Search if job hunting on the twenty-third, your lucky day. Send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings when under fortunate stars.

On February 28, the month ends with a call for a decision and/or a solution to a problem. Play nice, because when communicative Mercury squares sometimes too-frank Mars, the planets advise thinking twice before talking.

Next month, you aren’t done yet! You’ve got some reorganizing to do before you get what you want.

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