Month of Dec 2018: Influential people help you this month by bringing golden advice, and your mind dances with new possibilities. Ready, set, go for every opportunity and welcome friendly feedback when Mercury turns direct in your “everyone play nice and work together” sector on December 6. Go for launch, thanks to the new Sagittarius moon the next day.

Ruling Mercury aspects retrograde Uranus on the eleventh, accenting genius ideas with a pinch of déjà vu. What you pondered in the first part of November 2018 could be just the ticket now.

On December 12, Sagittarius Mercury occupies a sign change that recharges the brain. On the seventeenth, Pisces Mars of vast schemes and big dreams sextiles Pluto’s irresistible force. Opportunities boil to the surface.

December 20 and December 21 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. Turn on the charm in interviews and meetings. Also, Mercury conjoins lucky Jupiter with perhaps a second chance that stems from an early November connection. The conditions have changed.

On the twenty-fourth, Mercury squares Neptune, the “dissolver” breaks down barriers should they stand in your way.

Aries Mars accents strong ties of friendship on the year’s last day. Here’s an opportunity to make the most of career contacts. Work it next month.

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