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What is easy isn’t always right this month. Only seeing what is wrong is effortless, often after the fact. In this light, do repair work the first moment things are clear. Persuasiveness is your forte, and coaxing is even more successful on the fourth and fifth, when retrograde Mercury squares both argumentative Mars and constant Saturn. Yes, they say (and said) no, but you can change their minds.

On April 14, lucky Jupiter sextiles powerful little Pluto for ten days. The period allows opportunities to surface to use an enhanced ability to weed out bad ideas.

Mercury, the communication planet, goes direct the next day, dissolving prior snags.

The eighteenth and nineteenth are lucky days. Search for opportunities and send out resumes if you are job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings when the lucky stars are on your side.

Speaking of luck, Venus transits Gemini on April 24, upping your communication skills. Fortunate Venus rules money and acts as an agent in your sign. You reap rewards for previous efforts.

Your sign ruler (now direct) Mercury squares persistent Saturn on the twenty-fifth in a rerun of the fifth. The results? Mind changing with Saturn nudging logical and practical thought processes. What you do now and how you address events sets the tone for next month.

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