Month of Jul 2020: This is an interesting time for your generally happy-go-lucky sign of the Twins. The month opens with a bang as Mercury connects with the Cancer sun. As usual, you’re inundated with various tasks and projects, but the main reflection presenting itself to you is how do you actually feel right now? There are many emotional breakthroughs surfacing around you, making it difficult to separate your work and personal lives.

There's a shift in your psyche that allows you to take a mature perspective despite another individual's inability to fully discern their own behavior, especially with a hefty square between Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries between July 7 and July 9. Expanding your vision will help create a more peaceful immediate working environment, even with all the messages floating into your in-box.

As Mercury transits direct through Cancer on twelfth, you’re able to find the right words to say and even present that pitch you've been obsessing over these last few weeks.

There are plenty of incredible surprises in the wings, and you might even get a strong recommendation for a lead that brings more optimistic connections as Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus on July 22. An amazing dream comes true toward the end of the month, so keep up your incredible efforts and allow yourself to be inspired!

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