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Month of Jul 2019: You are in your zone as you think up progressive new ideas in July. Other transits suggest getting in harmony with small gains that lead to big things instead of the other way around.

Daring Leo Mars stimulating your communication sign gives weeks of confidence and flash. The challenge is in not giving away TMI better kept to yourself. Find the middle point between not saying enough and telling others your best and brightest concepts.

On July 2, the solar eclipse in Cancer and your money sign advises playing it safe. No risk, no danger over the next six months. Fortunately, lucky Venus, also the natural ruler of money, lends a hand starting the next day.

On the eleventh, rebellion and outrageous tactics won’t work over the next four days as Mars squares Uranus, the latter the ruler of nuance on your way to success.

The auspicious-for-you Capricorn lunar eclipse happens on July 16 in your sign of other people’s money. Anything you can do with this one?

The twenty-seventh is a lucky day. It’s Saturday, but you can job hunt and jot ideas down.

The month’s last day brings a Leo new moon with (good news) Mercury turning direct! The influence segues into next month when you unravel old riddles.

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