gemini Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2021

Week of May 9, 2021

A brilliant idea may pop in your mind as this week begins. On May 10, Mercury will join forces with the North Node in Gemini, cultivating a thought process that is based on self-improvement and authenticity. This confidence-inducing moment may be what starts a potentially life-changing conversation.

However, you may feel like taking a breather on May 11, when the new moon moves through your twelfth house of spirituality. This will encourage you to pump the breaks and take a moment to process all of your thoughts and feelings that surround your work. Allow deep-seated subconscious ideas to float to the surface. As Mercury in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn in your ninth house of open-mindedness on May 12, you may feel prompted to consider the grand scheme of things. Finally, you’re ready to take on all the out-of-this-world opportunities.

You’re embracing a more intuitive and spiritual understanding of your career as the sun in your mystical twelfth house forms a sextile with Neptune in your ambitious tenth house on May 13. This will encourage you to create more meaning in your work as you explore your creative aspirations. And as Jupiter enters your career sector on May 13, you’re starting a journey that will take you all the way to the top of your field.