Gemini Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of February 18, 2024

Embrace the professional spotlight this week, Gemini. All eyes will be on you when the sun enters Pisces on Sunday, February 18. Pisces season will be advantageous since it will call more attention to your reputation, accomplishments, and legacy. Since this could be a progressive zodiacal season, you may become the talk of the town. 

However, do not worry about what your colleagues may say or think when Chiron in Aries conjuncts the North Node in Aries and opposes the South Node in Libra the following day. The Nodal transits will encourage you to release any fear and insecurity surrounding your newfound spotlight. If you are confident in your career path and all that encompasses it, then that is all that matters. 

Toward the end of your workweek, you might feel driven to do something new in your professional journey when Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Mars in Aquarius. The conjunction will encourage you to be more excited and action-oriented when making future plans for your professional journey. 

After all, you will be ready to move forward from this past professional cycle by the full moon in Virgo on Saturday, February 24. Out with the old and in with the new!

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