gemini Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of March 7, 2021

Week of March 7, 2021 This Week

This week, you’re busting open doors and seeing your career from an entirely different perspective. On March 9, the moon in your expansive ninth house will form a trine with Mars in Gemini, tapping into your desire for something new. You might not feel satisfied with the usual duties at your job, which will push you to try new things and see everything from a new perspective. However, as the moon moves over Saturn, you might find yourself bumping into walls. The challenge will be figuring out how to outsmart the roadblocks.

So much creative energy will be flooding your career by March 10. This is when the sun-Neptune conjunction will sprinkle magic onto your tenth house of social status, flushing your reputation with the sheen of fame and fortune. People will be drawn to you and the magical energy you radiate on a grand scale. Get creative as you tailor your professional persona to match the service you provide.

By May 13, the new moon will rush through your ambitious tenth house, which indicates a new beginning for your career. This is the perfect time to think about how you can level-up in your business and show off your success.