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aquarius Horoscope

Month of Mar 2020: Opportunity is knocking this month! Over the past two and one- half years, you’ve been soul searching in a process of confronting subconscious fears surrounding success, failure, and learning your greater role in existence. 

Now, Mars (the ruler of your career sector) is in Capricorn, the most hidden part of your chart, suggesting profound and powerful changes unfolding behind the scenes. You may not be ready to reveal all just yet, but work on a strategy as you prepare for the big reveal.

On March 9, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius as the full moon aligns in Virgo, the part of your chart that rules partnerships, power dynamics, shared resources, taxes, and other people’s money. You don’t have total control, but you’re reclaiming the power to make decisions in your life, allowing you to clear up a financial mess. Let go of power struggles and you can bring about constructive change.

The biggest shift arrives as Saturn, your traditional ruler, enters Aquarius on March 21 and remains here until 2023. You’re coming into your own, but Saturn can often also bring a sense of restriction. With great power comes great responsibility. You’re stepping over a threshold. It will require maturity, humility, hard work, discipline, and structure, but in learning to accept your limitations, you can move beyond them. Financially, you’re in a safe position, and the universe has your back. And by the end of the month, you’ll be ready to move your career to a whole new level.

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