Month of Nov 2018: What part do you want mentors to play? You have to tell the people you know how they can help you this month. In November, lucky Venus returns to Libra and your sector of expansion. Be open to possibilities.

On November 6, ruling Uranus returns to your communication and decision-making sign. You need the new information that arrives in bits and pieces through the end of the year. The next day, the new Scorpio moon sparks career enthusiasm. Simultaneously, lucky Jupiter aspects ruling planet Uranus. Call in favors under fortunate stars. You won’t lose the good vibes when Jupiter transits Sagittarius beginning on the eighth. Welcome many friends and beneficial acquaintances during the yearlong visit.

November 13 and November 14 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Also, schedule interviews and meetings. On the fifteenth, Mars bids adieu to your sign and begins a transit in Pisces and your sector of money and how you earn it. You’re intuitively steps ahead of everyone else.

The full Gemini moon shines a bright light on creative ideas and acts in the past that bear fruit on November 22. On the month’s last day, fortunate Venus and Uranus highlight the first of changes - next month’s theme.

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