Month of Jun 2020: June brings two eclipses, planetary shifts, major aspects, and massive global changes that will impact your work and life.

The sun and Venus are currently in Gemini, highlighting your creativity and drawing you to take risks. On June 2, Mercury enters shadow phase and Venus squares Mars, followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day, bringing tantalizing creative and financial opportunities and ideas. A creative risk could pay off, but you have to believe in yourself. Also, this is a work in progress and an evolving situation, so be fluid and willing to improvise as you go along.

The fifth marks the Sagittarius full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse, highlighting your social networks and community. You’re making connections that could help you manifest a dream. But you might also be learning truths, marking the end of the road for certain associations or dreams you’ve outgrown. Naturally, it can make you feel vulnerable to present your creativity to the world. You needn’t fear judgment. This is about you finding inner confidence and self-esteem and freeing yourself from inhibitions that prevent you from expressing yourself wholly.

On June 17, Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer, bringing information and delays at work or in your daily routines. There could be communication or technological breakdowns or confusion with teammates. Be patient, double-check communications, strive for clarity, and keep the channels of communication open. Also, ask yourself what work brings meaning to your life. This is a chance to reevaluate your work, schedule, and priorities so your life can flow more smoothly.

By the twentieth, the Cancer new moon and annular eclipse align just as the sun reaches the solstice, marking a new cycle at work and for your daily routines. You could be returning to an old job, finding new solutions to old problems, or streamlining workflow and projects. This is also a chance to get back on the same page with teammates and colleagues.

Venus stations direct on June 24, bringing exciting creative ideas, solutions, and inspiration, perhaps revealing talents and skills you didn't know you had. As Mars enters Aries on the twenty-seventh for six months, your mind is blazing with ideas. Communication is heating up, bringing passionate conversations, but your tongue is sharper and temper shorter than usual. Awareness and patience will be needed.

Finally, the month ends with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 29, followed by the sun-Mercury conjunction the next day, bringing massive changes behind the scenes and clarity about what needs to happen next at work.

The last time Jupiter met Pluto was on April 4, and the next conjunction occurs on November 12, marking an ongoing global transformation. As the world changes, you’re seeing solutions and breaking through psychological barriers that have held you back from manifesting a dream. You can live a meaningful life doing work you love that pays the bills, gives back to the world, and rewards you daily. Rome wasn't built in a day. Take things one day at a time. Stay aligned with a soul vision and you can nurture it to life.

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