Month of Dec 2020: There are surprising developments for you this month, Aquarius. All of the fiery Sagittarius energy throughout December will bring contacts and allies through networking. Keep up with your virtual meetings as Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1 to enhance your success going forward. You won’t know until later just how important your new work friends are to your professional future.

You have plenty of room to shine, even during the most difficult of cosmic transits—like the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth—that seem to bring down everyone else. When Venus enters Sagittarius the next day, you can serve as the light at the end of the tunnel for your colleagues because of your natural ability to break things down on a very human level.

A potential business partnership could lead you to the “dream team” scenario you've always wanted when Saturn enters Aquarius on December 16 and Jupiter enters Aquarius three days later.

A strong flow of ideas fills your in-box with potential projects and opportunities. You might even get that interview you've been hoping for during the great conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first. Even when the pressure is on, you’re able to move through your professional life with grace and dignity.

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