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Month of Jun 2019: Making minor changes, even partial tweaks, results in improvements. Of course, that doesn’t happen all the time, but this month it does. Results aren’t just good, they’re spectacular.

The month begins with a lucky June 2. It’s Sunday, but you can search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. The third is uber fortunate with a Gemini new moon green-lighting forward moves. This is beneficial for interviews and meetings. Ruling planet Mercury stimulates imaginative ways to make money on June 4.

On the eighth, Gemini Venus enhances confidence while bringing good things that attract your attention through the end of the month. On June 10, the Gemini sun forms an opposition with Jupiter, helping iron out glitches and keeping them from developing into more.

Saturn offers something solid to grab on to in moments of confusion in a long-term sextile with Neptune on the eighteenth. Paraphrasing Saturn, you can’t play unless you know the rules. You uncover hidden financial information when Mercury conjoins fast-thinking Mars that same day. Simmering issues come to the surface – again - for tweaking during Wednesday’s aspect with retrograde Pluto.

On June 26, Leo Mercury brings unwavering optimism and perception to your communication sector. Next month, you interconnect with ideas and wisdom.

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