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You’re under lucky stars in January, but they shake you up – in a positive way. Fasten your seat belt. Let’s take a ride! On January 2, Uranus, the “awakener,” turns direct in your eleventh house, the day after a full Cancer moon, ever concerned about comfort. What’s your choice? Door number one (forward to new adventures) or door number two (safety zone)?

On the tenth, ruling Mercury enters serious Capricorn and responsible door number three. You might decide to play it safe, but what about that imaginative little something nagging at you?

On January 15, expansive Jupiter sextiles potent little Pluto, and you give serious thought whether you’re seeking what you really want or you need to let go of something. The opportunity aspect is one you shouldn’t let pass by.

On the twenty-fifth, Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter make a triple transformative powerhouse, in case you want to make any purely personal development changes. January 26 and January 27 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule business interviews and meetings on Friday.

The lunar eclipse on the last day of the month represents a powerful beam of light in your decision-making house. Heads up and pay attention, because everything this month helps you next month.

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