Month of Sep 2018: September could be decision-making time. Should you advance or retreat? Now it’s about thoughtful planning and meaningful action. September 2 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings on September 3, a lucky morning for you.

On the fifth, Mercury is strong, refined, and better for expression in Virgo. On Friday, Mercury trines executive-thinking Saturn to help make up a mind directly. It’s especially helpful for contemplating proper adjustments.

Aquarius Mars, starting September 10, is a positive transit through early November. Have plans and let your intentions be known when your inner fire burns determinedly.

On the thirteenth, Mercury opposes Neptune in an aspect that represents a crossroads in which you can’t take both paths, Gemini. You have to consider a sacrifice, even a small one, as you choose.

Libra Mercury inspires your creativity sector, beginning September 21, and ideas flow freely over the next few weeks. There isn’t a better day to communicate than a lucky one, the twenty-ninth. Schedule meetings under fortunate stars. Next month, call on your inner detective when a lot goes on behind closed doors.

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