May 2018: Your actions indicate how events will play out in May. In this light, make the most of situations by using your strong points.

On May 7, your ruler Mercury squares transformational Pluto. Plan well before starting a project and the forecast improves.

Gemini Venus aspects retrograde Jupiter on the ninth, in case you need some good luck and added confidence.

Taurus Uranus shakes and stirs like an earthquake on May 15. Your strong point here is mental agility more easily focused on figuring out the best ways to deal with things rather than going blindly ahead. That day’s new moon shines on initiating plans that are well thought out. That afternoon is also one of your lucky days.

The sixteenth is also lucky. Send out resumes and search if job hunting, and schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side.

On May 22, Mercury in an opportunity aspect with mysterious Neptune suggests something is hidden or concealed. You need to find it and straighten it out. How do you do that? Think mid-March.

Organize your thoughts when the Gemini sun aspects serious Saturn on the twenty-eighth and ruling planet Mercury begins a Gemini transit the next day. Don’t respond out of habit (Saturn is retrograde). Respond thoughtfully and after careful consideration.

Heads up! Nurture your finances next month.

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