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Month of Mar 2020: As the month begins, your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde and you’re discovering the greater potential in a professional situation, seeing a new way forward. This may call for a detour, but keep an open mind. 

On March 9, Mercury stations direct just as the full moon aligns in Virgo, your domestic sector. There’s a need to balance a domestic situation with work. You’re being shown hidden possibilities where you didn’t think there were any. Clarify a vision, solidify long-term goals, clear up unfinished business, and release (childhood) insecurities that limit progress. Then you can make wise choices as you carve a new way forward. 

Most significantly, Saturn is in its final weeks in Capricorn. Over the past two and one-half years, you’ve learned (perhaps difficult) lessons in partnerships, especially those with a shared bank account. The transit has highlighted matters of joint finances, resources, partnerships, and power dynamics in a situation. Even if you’ve felt out of control or on edge, you’re reclaiming power in a situation. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on the twenty-first, freeing you from a financial situation you’ve been embroiled in. Over the next two and one-half years, consider this a journey of widening and exploring new horizons. You could be considering higher education, traveling internationally, and strengthening foreign relations and connections revealing new avenues. Stay aligned with your highest truth and integrity and have faith above all. When one door closes, another opens. There’s a whole new world opening up to you now.

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