Month of Jun 2020: June brings eclipses and major shifts, drawing you on a whole new journey at work and in your life.

Right out of the gate, on June 2, Mercury enters shadow phase in Cancer and Venus squares Mars, followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day. With the sun and retrograde Venus in Gemini, social networks, social media, and your community are highlighted. You’re moving in powerful circles, making exciting connections that can help you manifest your dreams. But move slowly as you learn information. Trust your intuition, and keep people on a need-to-know basis.

By the fifth, the Sagittarius full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse align, bringing a situation to head. This lunation highlights your creativity, passion, and ability to be authentic. Dare to express yourself without worrying about what others think. You needn't give in to peer pressure. You can’t please everyone all the time. But your courage to be yourself and follow your passion is an inspiration to many. Stay grounded in your values and then you needn’t get carried away or feel like you have to give in to peer pressure. Also, if you’re signing any contracts now, remember to read the fine print carefully.

Mars meets Neptune on June 13, highlighting your finances, tax matters, and business partnerships, but not all is as it seems. Encourage transparency. If something seems amiss or too good to be true, trust your instincts and investigate before you dive in. As Mercury stations retrograde on the seventeenth, trust your intuition, especially about a financial situation. There’s more to a situation than meets the eye, so be patient as information surfaces.

After a busy social period, the sun reaches the equinox and the Cancer annular solar eclipse and new moon align on June 20, drawing you inward for rest, renewal, and reflection. Clarify a vision that's birthing in your soul. You can nurture it to life. But there are also powerful insights surfacing to reveal the subconscious patterns, desires, and insecurities that prevent you from reaching for your dreams. The energy continues to build and more shifts unfold as Neptune stations retrograde on the twenty-second, bringing revelations surrounding a financial situation. A rabbit hole goes deep. Take off your blinders, get clear on your values, and be conscious of where you relinquish your power.

As Venus stations direct on June 24, expect a turnaround in a social situation. Something you’ve aspired to is within reach. There might even be a second chance or a dream opportunity arising. This is the perfect time to network, reach out to your community, work on a social media campaign, and get the word out about your next big idea.

Mars enters Aries on the twenty-seventh, and remains there for six months, asking for a leap of faith. You could be traveling, exploring new horizons, making international connections, considering higher education, publishing a book, or perhaps dealing with legal matters. There will be twists and turns on your journey. But this is your journey to the top. Stay focused on a long-term goal and you can make great strides toward it in the coming months.

Finally, Jupiter meets Pluto on June 29, followed by the sun-Mercury conjunction the next day. This is the second of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions this year (the first one was on April 4 and the next is on November 12), marking an ongoing global transformation.

Massive changes are unfolding and changing the landscape of your work, job, life, and daily routines, bringing a total overhaul. But with the sun-Mercury conjunction at this time, trust your intuition and get clear on a dream you have for your life. You can manifest this, but it will require conscious choices and the release of systems, routines, habits, and anything else that no longer works.

This is a huge opportunity to restructure your work, schedule, and life so they reflect an inner truth.

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