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You can make it happen in January, and what you make is up to you. To help, you begin the month with January 3, a lucky day. Uranus, now direct, helps handle modifications from your ninth house of far-reaching plans. Your ruling sun sextiles Neptune, the “great dissolver,” to lend their influence to shove a few recent obstacles out of the way.

On the eighth, the sun forms opportunity aspects with benevolent planets Venus and Jupiter. They create a “win some, win some more” situation. The sun’s conjunction with Pluto is simply life changing (in a good way).

The sun enters Aquarius, your seventh house of peaceful solutions, on January 19, and you begin a harmonious 30 days. You may want to take a calculated risk on the twenty-sixth with Mars in Sagittarius and your fifth house of speculation. In fact, you’ve got until mid-March to gain, but be cautious!

January 30 is a lucky day to search if job hunting, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings. The month’s last day is also lucky, with the added attraction of a Leo lunar eclipse. Evaluate issues that call for a decision under beneficial timing for positive results. Next month, direct that determination once again!

Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment


The moon conjoins Uranus early in the day today, bringing flashes of insight. Tune in with this exclusive meditation from Jessica Snow.

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