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Month of Jun 2019: Get in the zone for decision making and embrace objectivity as you choose. On June 3, your mantra should be “Change is good" in the 30 days following the Gemini new moon. Prepare to plunge into rich experiences.

On the fourth, messenger Mercury brings information to analyze and understand in security-oriented and careful Cancer, your sign of limits (or the need to set them).

The late afternoon on June 6, all day June 7, and the morning of June 8 are lucky. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. You have fortunate stars for interviews and meetings on those days.

On the tenth, the sun opposes Jupiter to amplify the desire for expansion, often overdoing it. The June 16 square between Jupiter and Neptune continues the “grandiose vision” theme. Extravagance and blind optimism could run amok unless you choose to accept realistic Saturn’s help, beginning on the eighteenth when its sextile with Neptune dissolves problems.

For Leo, the summer solstice on June 21, with your ruling sun in Cancer, marks a contemplative time to recharge your batteries prior to your birthday.

On the twenty-seventh, the Cancer sun sextiles Uranus. Don’t make waves. Things come your way - don’t seek them. Get ready for a high-energy July!

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