July 2018: he tide turns with two eclipses. Something new is born as old remnants are thrown off in July. Begin a journey to find a new mission when your ruling sun aspects generous Jupiter on July 5. What you discover over the next four days can be the source of reward.

On the ninth, Venus, the well-organized money machine, begins transiting Virgo and your sector of money and how you earn it. The solar eclipse three days later brings your resourcefulness to light. Be a creative force for attainment in the next 30 days.

Here’s a gift to help you: July 13 is a lucky day for you. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Take advantage of the day and schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side.

Be decisive and assertive when communicating Mercury aspects daring Pluto on the sixteenth. Get things off your chest before Leo Mercury turns retrograde on the twenty-fifth.

Clear up misunderstandings, if necessary, when your ruling sun aspects cool, professional Saturn on July 26. The next day’s lunar eclipse happening in your partnership sector is one reason why you should dedicate energy to cultivating connections. Besides, you’re so good at it!

Next month encourages “spring cleaning” as summer begins to wind down. It offers timely freedom from the past.

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