Month of Aug 2020: You have a sudden change in the pattern to start your month as the sun in your sign squares Uranus in luxurious Taurus on August 2. There's a shift in your method of thinking, and you might even feel called to do an about-face in some aspect of your current course of business development. Someone or something has been sparking your interest and waking you up to new possibilities for yourself.

A highly intriguing full moon in Aquarius appears in your zone of professional contacts on the third, which can serve as a barometer of the months ahead for you. Financially, you’re thinking about making some moves, but you have to see how the rest of this opportunity works to your benefit. You've made some really impressive decisions that are going to work for you in the long run.

It’s time for you to see how much influence you really have, which is emphasized by a strong new moon in your sign on August 18 bringing you peace of mind. You’re also influenced by a strong alignment to the planet Mercury in your sign. You’re getting offers from past connections and then some. There's really nothing you have to do other than just be your glorious self—and maybe send that follow-up e-mail to remind them how amazing you truly are!

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