Leo Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 9, 2024

Do not hesitate to take action in your career path, Leo. Now is the time to take more risks as Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, June 9. The Martian ingress will encourage you to be more mindful of your ambitions and goals. It is time to focus on opportunities that will help you succeed in your work life. 

However, you may need to find your confidence to pursue your aspirations since the sun in Gemini will also square Saturn in Pisces on the same day. Between these two transits, you may have to overcome an initial hurdle to progress your career path. 

Over the next few days, you may feel like something has to change in your professional commitments since Mars in Taurus will square Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. The cosmic friction will be immense, so you may need to tread lightly. Be thoughtful about what you want to do differently since your arrangements, contracts, and partnerships could drastically change. As a result, it might transform your direction in your career path. 

By the end of your workweek, one of your aspirations could pivot your career path since Mercury in Gemini will conjunct the sun in Gemini.

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