Leo Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of July 3, 2022

Week of July 3, 2022

How will you go after your desired career path, Leo?

Expect to feel more sensitive about nurturing your professional life and projects when Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday, July 5. Now in watery Cancer, Mercury has an underlying influence on your subconscious. You might be more emotional about work matters behind closed doors, so make sure that you are allowing yourself the time to process how you are feeling! As Mercury enters Cancer, Mars will also enter Taurus and encourage you to take charge of your career path. Slowly but surely, Mars in Taurus will help you create tangible wealth and accomplishments to show for your hard work. You might initially feel more stubborn. But once you have set your eyes on a professional goal, there will be no stopping you! Since Mercury and Mars ingress the same day, they will create an auspicious sextile, allowing you to introspectively consider your approach to your career. The opportunity to speak things into existence is possible during the first quarter moon in Libra the following day. You can use the lunar vibration to negotiate what you want to be accountable for or devise a game plan for your team to assist with. 

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