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In February, it’s all systems go! Be determined and take the next steps this month. One of your February allies is Mercury in your house of partnerships and the positive assertion of ideas to others.

On February 6, friendly Venus sextiles creative and ready Uranus in your sector of speculative thought. Both open doors to opportunities that might involve a risk (make it strategic).

On the tenth, relationship-oriented Venus in Pisces stimulates congenial exchanges over the next few weeks.

Several positive transits happen from the tenth through the seventeenth. The sun squares Jupiter, building personal ambition and competitive drive. Then the sun sextiles things-out-of-the-blue Uranus, with a momentary opening or advantage. You hold the spotlight over partners and competition with the solar eclipse on the fifteenth. If you have questions, the conjunction between the sun and Mercury on the seventeenth is a treasure trove of answers.

At the forefront of a lucky day, February 26, the moon trines both Venus and Jupiter, bringing popularity and a chance of a business opportunity that could be too good to turn down. The twenty-seventh is a lucky day to schedule an interview or meeting on the above. Search if you’re job hunting and send out resumes.

Next month, the cumulative effect hits your money sector.

Stellar Guidance


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