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You determinedly push boundaries and achieve goals in April. You just need to be careful about pushing the wrong buttons (management) when doing it.

From April 1 through April 4, the Aries sun conjoins retrograde Mercury in your sector of expansion. There is a desire to play things repeatedly, or more detrimental, listen too late or not at all. They are prime examples of button pushing. Learn to listen.

Synchronously, earthy Mars conjoining mature Saturn on the second keeps you on track.

Your ruling sun squares changeable Pluto on April 10. You have two decisions with the square, creating a dilemma that says you need proof whichever way you go.

On the eighteenth, the sun conjoins unpredictable Uranus prior to changing signs. Last degrees equal the last try at choreographing events.

Sunday, April 22, is a lucky day. Search if job hunting and send out resumes (it’s the intent that counts even if no one is there to read your CV).

On the twenty-fourth, lucky Venus begins a transit in your sector of hopes and wishes. What are yours?

At the April 29 full moon, the sun in Taurus trines serious Saturn and they accent talking about personal projects sans button pushing. Thoughts trickle into next month when you do not want to work at cross-purposes.

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