June 2018: June puts the “plan” in planets. Make plans resourcefully, and carry them out one step at a time. The month begins with your ruling sun in Gemini - your ruler in your sector of wishes and dreams. What will a cyclical turn of events be? Heads up! Then maintain your motivation and concentration when the sun squares nebulous Neptune on June 6.

If you’ve focused on plans, the eleventh, when the sun aspects Pluto, is the time to lead and influence others. Get people excited and then start something new at the new Gemini moon two days later. The latter is the time to work with the universe’s timing and help to ensure success in the following 30 days. Also that day, the annual transit of Venus in Leo accents vitality and good friendships.

June 16 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

From the nineteenth through the twenty-first, fortunate Leo Venus aspects executive Saturn and assertive Mars to heighten your business abilities and instincts. The vibes on the twenty-second say to convene a meeting under unusual circumstances.

On June 26, your ego may seem a bit more vulnerable to others when Mars turns retrograde in your partnership sector. Fortunately, two days later, Leo Mercury fills the lack with your own confident words.

Next month, you gain in unexpected ways.

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