Month of Jul 2020: Your generally feisty ways are a little more subdued for the first half of this month because you’re feeling more pensive than usual. Your business prospects are taking more of a solo approach and allowing you to dive inward on an emotional scale. Possibly looking into more integrative projects and keeping your focus on psychological self-discovery might be what serves your insatiable thirst for knowledge at this time. There's plenty of internal growth happening at once, which can feel quite demanding and possibly overwhelming.

You’ll feel lighter and more connected to your jovial spirit with the sun's entry into your loving sign of the Lion on July 22. The reason for this change is due to a simultaneous planetary awakening happening for you and the world. It might influence you to move toward a completely different career track than you’ve ever considered in the past.

Think of this time as a gift from the universe, a time to truly delve into the subjects you once considered unthinkable for you to even study. The growth you’re undergoing now will eventually be utilized by future generations as a focus of educational understanding. You might even consider a subject like philosophy as your current source of business inspiration.

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