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Month of May 2020: You’re in a visioning process as you enter the month of May.

As the sun meets Mercury on May 4, trust your gut instincts and follow a hunch. As the Scorpio full moon aligns three days later, you're at the end of a cycle at work, learning what needs to change if you want to bring a dream to life.

Saturn stations retrograde on the tenth, highlighting long-term goals, legal matters, and changes in laws, travel plans, or international policies that impact your business prospects. Perhaps you’re considering higher education. The goalposts are shifting, taking you off the beaten track, and you’re making inroads into new territory. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas. This is a chance to question your ideologies and what you think your limits are.

Your ruler Mercury enters Gemini on May 11, bringing clarity to a situation and your choices. Significantly, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on the twelfth, marking a phase of reevaluating financial matters and partnerships. By May 14, Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn, bringing huge changes in power dynamics in business and financial partnerships and situations. The wheel of fortune is turning, leading to the discovery of greater potential in a situation. Dig deeper for your values, then you can invest and grow commitments and partnerships that are mutually supportive and profitable.

On the twenty-second, the Gemini new moon marks a personal new cycle and second chances. Mercury enters Cancer, your income and financial sector, on May 28, suggesting an influx of income or at least new streams of income opening up. Regardless of what you might have feared, this is a turning point, allowing you to redefine your success on your terms.

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