Month of Oct 2020: Last month, personal matters took top priority in your life and you struggled to find balance at work. This month brings a different vibe. You’re now willing and able to get back to work, but with a twist. Instead of being a busy bee working on mindless tasks, you’re starting to bring your artistic passions to life in the work that you do.

Your creative mind is on point this month, allowing you to start an exciting new work project. This venture could take off during the Aries full moon on October 1, which will allow you to embrace your dreams. As long as you focus on nostalgic notions and visions during Mercury’s backspin, which will last for most of the month, you’ll be able to fully achieve your goals because you’re more in tune with the vibe and energy of the world.

During the Libra new moon on the sixteenth, you may find that you’re more than willing to focus on the creative process in all of the projects that you take on and even start a major endeavor with your boss.

The blue moon in Taurus on October 31 promises to gratify your mind and heart as you watch your professional vision come to life.

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