September 2018: September is for settling differences of opinion - points that may have been revised since late May, btw. September 6 and September 7 are lucky days to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under auspicious stars. As of the ninth, new prospects appear in the 30 days following the new Virgo moon in your sector of money and how you earn it.

On September 10, energetic Mars ignites a busier schedule with a return to Aquarius. The sun connects with fortunate Jupiter the next day, lending excitement and optimism with an opportunity aspect. The sun also trines ambitious Pluto. Be confident, take a chance (Leo shines in the sun).

Instant changes are possible on the twenty-first and twenty-second, when the sun and Mercury transit from quietly efficient Virgo to people-pleasing Libra. This again goes along with some well-received, recommunicated visions.

On September 24, your ruling sun aspects Uranus, planet of abrupt changes, and the two potentially stir more impulsive responses without control through the end of the month (unless, of course, you use control, and yes, you can). If “something” is telling you, and there are lots of “wonder how I knew that,” the whisperer is your intuition. Open your heart and follow it next month.

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