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Month of Aug 2019: July 31 brought a lucky Leo new moon, and any big, bold changes get successful results in the 30 days following the phase (that would be now).

On August 7, your ruling sun trines generous Jupiter for fortunate returns from minimum efforts (that’s the cake). The icing is the trine between Venus and Jupiter the next day.

What do you want in a big way? Jupiter is asking after a direct turn on the eleventh. What did you want but fail to get? You have a second chance to get it as Uranus turns retrograde. And Mercury is smooth, as are you, in Leo.

Faster-moving inner planets enliven your sign of money and how you earn it. Virgo Mars leads the pack and is eager to get to work on August 17. Venus, joining Mars, is ready to help with your financial strides three days later. On the twenty-third, the Virgo sun simply brings money, no questions asked.

August 28 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings early in the day. Expect surprising and positive changes when energetic Mars trines Uranus.

The Virgo new moon on the thirtieth affects the 30 days that follow the phase. Next month, avoid getting in the middle of conflicts. They won’t help you reach goals.

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