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Aquarius Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of December 2023

Sure, it’s the holiday season, but you’re considering hibernating for the rest of 2023 as Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1. You won’t be feeling very romantic because you’re more focused on work than dating when Venus enters Scorpio on the fourth. Put dating aside as you work on your other goals.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely during the Sagittarius new moon on December 12. It’s okay to send a few flirty texts or swipe through dating apps. However, Aquarius, Mercury is retrograde, so don’t make any commitments yet.

Because the rest of 2023 is all about you as the sun enters Capricorn on the twenty-first. Over the next few weeks, focus on healing your heart in private. Especially when Mercury retrograde enters Sagittarius on December 22. You won’t want an audience as you mend your broken heart. Be gentle.

Instead of dating, focus on improving your life and create some resolutions for the next year during the Cancer full moon on the twenty-sixth. However, don’t close your heart completely when Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29. A flirtatious text or holiday kiss could send your heart fluttering. Be optimistic about 2024!

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