cancer Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Your caring and compassionate nature is on full display as the sun spends time in your sensitive sign at the start of the month. Fast-moving Mercury also floats into your emotional waters on July 11, encouraging you to look beyond the surface when communicating. Your feelings run deep, but your words don’t always convey what you’re truly thinking.

The moon, your ruling body, is also in your shy sign as it begins a new cycle on the ninth, which encourages you to leave the past behind and start thinking about the future. There are good things on the horizon when you choose to forgive and forget.

The sun-Neptune trine on July 15 is bathed in emotional water sign energy, which washes over you like a calming, cleansing shower. Your intuition is extremely active and accurate now, allowing you to confirm something that you probably knew along. It’s nice to get closure.

The moon is full in airy Aquarius on the twenty-third, giving you the courage to really just be yourself for a change. If you’re used to walking on eggshells around someone, this lunation helps you rebel a bit and let your true self shine. Your time now is well spent indulging in an offbeat hobby (with or without a partner).