Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope for December 2022

Month of December 2022

If you’ve been forced to confront some of your biggest fears or regrets recently, you’ll be happy to escape back into blissful ignorance when dreamy Neptune goes direct in Pisces on December 3. Maybe things in a current or budding relationship aren’t perfect, but it’s a lot easier to pretend they are now.

The moon affects our emotions, but because it’s your cosmic guidance counselor, its moves influence your sign more than most. Which is why the full moon in your psychic zone on the seventh grants you amazing powers to see things others can’t. This gives you a huge advantage in the game of love, Cancer, so use your intuitive skills wisely.

Two major astrological events happen on December 21: we experience the renewal of the winter solstice, and the sun moves into power-seeking Capricorn. It’s time to set new goals and go after them with gusto. Is it wrong to want to date or be with someone for their clout, fame, money, etc.?

A new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third highlights your house of negotiating and diplomacy and helps you get your way without seeming like it’s as important to you as it may be. This opens the door for manipulative tendencies, but you don’t necessarily have to take that route. It’s just one of your many options during this convincing lunation.

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