Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2022

Month of July 2022

As the temperature starts to heat up outside, the sun is spending time in your family-oriented sign when the month begins, so the long days of summer are perfect for having get-togethers with partner and kids in tow! If you’re single, this could be a lonely time, but throwing a picnic for other singles you can commiserate with should bring you out of your mid-summer funk.

Quick-thinking Mercury joins the sun in your sensitive sign on July 4, making you quick to jump to conclusions that might not be correct. Why is it that when you hear something bad you tend to believe it but a positive comment is out of the question? Try not to be so hard on yourself during this touchy transit, Cancer.

On the sixteenth, there’s a sun-Mercury conjunction in your homey sign that practically screams get those DIY projects going! Grab bae and get to work. Or, if you’re single, head to the nearest home improvement store and find a cute stranger to talk shop with. It’s easy to bond over glue guns and lighting fixtures during this aspect.

You wear your emotions on your sleeve during the new moon in dramatic Leo on July 28, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Having all eyes on you during this lunation is liberating.

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