Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022

Dear Cancer, Welcome to a fulfilling week of love! You have a lot to offer the world, and many who have their eye on you! A friendship might even become a major romantic connection that shifts your perspective on life. Overall, you are truly loved and protected by the universe. There is an overall feeling of immediacy and commitment in your personal chart.

This is especially true for Cancers seeking marriage and stronger long-term relationships. You might even consider moving in with your partner this year or sharing property between yourself and a loved one. If you expected someone to be in your life forever, trust that a far better and more suited relationship is on the way. This can also extend to those Cancers who have recently had a falling out with a family member or friendship that went by the wayside. You are on your own journey, and you expect as much love as you give out.

The week concludes with a dynamic, transformative change for yourself and your partnerships. The key is to be absolutely patient with yourself. You might need to take things very slowly with someone, especially if you’ve met someone completely out of the blue. It can be sparked from the very beginning, and it can feel like you’re a bit out of control at times.

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