Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of April 2024

The chances that you’ll get catfished, tricked, or misled in some way increase during the Mercury retrograde cycle that starts in combative Aries on April 1, so don’t automatically trust people who slide into your DMs. If you’re in a relationship, communication gets complicated now, so you might not be able to take bae’s words at face value.

You will probably feel some of your usual reserved behavior melt away under the red-hot Venus-Aries partnership that starts on the fourth, so why not fully embrace your powers of seduction? This newfound extroverted confidence looks good on you, Capricorn, and isn’t it about time you let a current or potential lover know exactly what you’re capable of?!

The Universe produces an intense Mars-Saturn meetup in imaginative Pisces on April 10, encouraging you to chase after your dreams. You can see the possibilities of several different romantic scenarios now, and they all look surprisingly good. What if you really could have it all? Forget about limiting yourself and pursue something magical.

On the nineteenth, the sun moves into sensual Taurus and your house of pleasure, urging you to enjoy life’s luxuries and indulgences. If you have a significant other, spoil them! If you’re trying to impress someone new, go all out. This isn’t the time to try to stick to a budget. There’s no time like the present to enjoy life and love to the fullest.

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