Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

Taking advantage of the upbeat Venus-Saturn trine on July 2 can help you achieve your goals. You need a partner now who can match your sense of ambition and drive, so single Goats should be on the lookout for responsible Bulls or hardworking Virgos. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want your partner to at least meet, if not exceed, your level of determination.

On the fifth, a Mars-Saturn sextile bumps up your drive to find (or improve) your love life, so try to be more proactive when it comes to pursuing someone who aligns with your values and goals. If you’re already with someone, encourage them to step it up. Patience is key now, as is choosing quality over quantity.

The hot sexual chemistry between you and a crush or current partner intensifies when love diva Venus enters fiery Leo on July 11, so what are you going to do about it? Taking the initiative shocks someone in the absolute best way. Boldness pays off!

There’s a full moon in your egocentric first house on the twenty-first, highlighting your need for emotional security and stability in current or potential relationships. It’s finally time to address any unresolved issues that have been hindering your love life, Capricorn. Prioritizing loyalty, commitment, and a solid foundation of trust is so important.


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