The Sky this Month, April 2024

Welcome to April 2024, a month that promises an extraordinary blend of astrological events, each carrying the potential to reshape our journeys, both personally and collectively. Let’s gear up for a ride that invites deep connection, introspection, and bold steps forward. This month is jam-packed with out-of-this-world star alignments that will keep you on your toes and as busy as a bee this spring!

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Time to Reflect Kicking off the month, Mercury takes a reflective stroll backward through Aries on April 1. This isn’t your usual hiccup in communications; it’s an invitation to dive deep into how we express ourselves, our initiatives, and our very identities. It’s a great time to introspect: Are my actions truly reflecting my inner truth? Think of it as a personal audit on your life’s direction, urging you to align more closely with your core. 

As fellow astrologer and candle alchemist Emma from House of Vibes.Co believes, the retrograde benefits Mercury while transiting Aries. “Mercury retrograde in Aries tempers the fiery energy, prompting us to slow down and think before acting impulsively. Let us embrace this cosmic pause as an opportunity for mindful reflection amidst eclipse season and the assertive Aries influence.”

A tip? Journaling or meditative practices can be incredibly fruitful now. There are tools to help you sift through your thoughts, identifying what’s authentically you versus what’s...

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