Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of September 2023

You gain a lot when loving Venus goes direct in extroverted Leo on September 3, Pisces. Most importantly, your self-confidence and sense of pride return, which should help you weed out the losers from your love life. You deserve the best, so if you’re with someone who isn’t living up to your expectations, it might be time to show them the door.

Wise asteroid Vesta pairs up with fellow water sign Cancer on the thirteenth, reminding you that a strong foundation of trust has to exist in a current or potential relationship in order for you to consider taking things to the next level. No matter how strong the physical connection is with someone, mutual respect has to be there too.

September 19 brings an opposition between the radiant sun and your hazy leader Neptune, which could really blind you to some aspects of love. You’re the first to admit that you can sometimes be naïve, especially when looking the other way works in your favor. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but ignoring your intuition will probably come back to bite you. The Universe is putting those red flags there for a reason.

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