libra Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2021

By Mary Bergner

Month of March 2021 This Month

March 3 welcomes a happy sextile between your home planet Venus and eccentric Uranus. Romantic surprises pop up everywhere now, just when you least expect them. If you’re single, take a chance and do something you never thought you’d do. Love is worth the risk. Committed Libras, do something spontaneous with your partner. The unknown holds special sensual appeal now.

A Venus-Pluto sextile on the eighteenth brings out your competitive edge and urges you to succeed in love. Deep down you know you’re worthy of being with someone “on your level,” so why do you tend to settle? Once you know your value, you’ll begin seeking what you truly deserve.

Passion increases when loving Venus enters fiery Aries on March 21. You feel bold and daring and willing to do anything for love, which is a big turn-on for a current partner! If you’re single, taking the initiative with someone new might not come naturally, but right now it has its rewards. There’s a way to be direct and still keep it classy!

The full moon on the twenty-eighth is in your peaceful sign, helping you bring a romantic issue full circle. Relationships don’t always have the outcome you hope for, but this lunation reminds you that whatever will be will be. Don’t fight it.