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Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of April 2024

A Mercury (in impulsive Aries) retrograde cycle starts on April 1, which could cause rash decisions and misunderstandings. If you have a significant other, be patient with them as well as yourself in the coming weeks. If you’re in the new stages of a relationship, be open and honest about your feelings, especially doubt or jealousy, but avoid making harsh accusations.

Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, enters the fiery arena of Aries and your relationship zone on the fourth, which can cause sparks in your love life. This transit’s fast-paced energy often puts excitement ahead of emotional intimacy, though, so try not to let your lust overshadow the opportunity to build and strengthen a solid foundation.

Mercury goes direct in Aries on April 25, which should help the lines of communication reopen and start to feel normal again. If there were any missed connections or misunderstandings in the last couple weeks, address them, apologize, and move on. There’s no need to keep bringing them up again and again.

Romantic Venus takes up with patient earth sign Taurus on the twenty-ninth, allowing you to feel the slow burn of anticipation. This aspect is a slow dance, a time to tempt and tease. There’s zero rush now, Libra. Your senses are on high alert, making bae’s perfume irresistible or your crush’s beauty inconceivable. Sex is an amazingly indulgent experience.

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