libra Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Romance is fun and, yes, maybe also a bit dramatic at the beginning of the month when your ruler Venus is partnered with outgoing fire sign Leo. However, there’s a Venus-Saturn opposition on July 6 that threatens to break up the party by reminding you of your duties and responsibilities. Anyone you’re spending time with now will have to understand that you have other obligations too.

Spiritual asteroid Vesta exits structured Virgo to partner with your airy, knowledge-seeking sign on the nineteenth, at which point you will be interested in love from a philosophical or even theological perspective. Having religious ceremonies and reciting sacred vows are favored activities now.

There’s a full moon on July 23 that brings airy Aquarius lunar energy, encouraging romantic experimentation. If you’re single, you might be more interested in exploring alternative relationships and lifestyles now. For committed Libras, this is a good time to have some weird (consensual, of course) fun in the bedroom!

Willful Mars leaves fiery Leo for more practical Virgo on the twenty-ninth, which switches your romantic focus onto more reasonable things. This is a good time to do tedious DIY projects with your partner, because working as a team might help the time go by more quickly. If you’re single, you might meet your next date at a hardware store or gardening center.