libra Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2021

Month of October 2021

If you’ve been craving more balance between your love life and work and other responsibilities, you might finally get it during the new lunar phase in your sign on October 6. This lunation allows you to focus on the relationships that are important to you and make them a higher priority than you’ve been able to lately. Which makes you happy.

Starting on the tenth, the combination of goal-oriented Saturn moving forward in futuristic Aquarius gives you some helpful foresight and encourages you to focus on what’s ahead for your love life. The more logical you’re able to be the better, Libra.

When lucky Jupiter leaves its retrograde position to go direct while also in objective kindred air sign Aquarius on October 17,you attract love to you when you’re open to all of its possibilities. Look for unique and unusual experiences to help you expand your world.

Communication specialist Mercury also goes direct while in your well-mannered sign on the eighteenth, at which point you start to really pay attention to how your partner and/or dates conduct themselves. Saying please and thank you might not matter as much to other signs, but politeness is everything to you now.