Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope for September 2022

Month of September 2022

You can get easily overwhelmed when your co-leader Mars sextiles expansive Jupiter on September 1, so while there is good potential for positive things to happen now, your introverted self might not be able to take full advantage of them.

On the ninth, Mercury goes retrograde while partnering with open-minded air sign Libra, so you’re best off navigating this difficult cycle when you set your control issues aside. Clashes with a current partner or date can easily occur when you refuse to see their side of the story or insist on sticking with your narrow-minded opinions. 

Your emotions are set on high when the moon is full in water sign Pisces on September 10, sending out dreamy vibes and helping you imagine your most romantic “happily ever after” scenario. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not close to reaching it IRL. Just being able to picture it gives you hope.

On the twenty-third, communicative Mercury enters your loyal, honest sign, so for the coming weeks you’ll expect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And if you catch a current or potential partner in a lie, good luck to them trying to earn back your trust. You give second chances, but you rarely forget.

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