scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope for May 2021

Month of May 2021

You have love on your mind as Venus in Taurus trines your co-ruler Pluto while in serious Capricorn on May 6, mainly because there will be a lot of things going on that you can’t control. OMG! That’s like one of the worst things ever, right, Scorpio?! Luckily, this aspect helps you thoroughly explore your own headspace and come up with workable situations that will put you back in the driver’s seat where you belong.

Mars, your other ruler, is in kindred emotional water sign Cancer during its sextile to Uranus in earthy Taurus on the eleventh, helping you roll with the changes by tapping into your intuition and mining your subconscious for clues about how to proceed. Change throws a fixed sign like you off for a while, but you always find a way to get back on your game.

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in expansive Sagittarius on May 26 that challenges you to break the rules, but doing so won’t get you very far. You’re all too familiar with spontaneous romantic actions and their consequences, so fight the urge to do anything during this lunation you might later regret.

A Mars-Neptune trine on the thirty-first brings a sense of mystery and a dreamlike atmosphere to the last day of the month. Sharing a dream with a current lover is erotic, and giving a potential lover a tarot reading is just as sensual. Your love life is obscure and shadowy in the best possible way.