scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2021

By Mary Bergner

Month of March 2021 This Month

When your passionate ruler Mars pairs up with versatile Gemini on March 3, your romantic interests are all over the place. Your curiosity about someone new intensifies whether you’re currently in a relationship or not. Of course, as one of the most loyal signs, committed Scorpios probably won’t make a move, but there’s nothing wrong with admiring someone from afar.

A positive new moon in kindred emotional water sign Pisces on the thirteenth reminds you to be understanding and empathetic toward others. Is it possible you’ve been too quick to judge your partner or someone you’re just getting to know? Give people the benefit of the doubt until you have concrete evidence that they’ve actually done something wrong.

The sextile between romantic Venus and your co-ruler Pluto on March 18 can give you a one-track mind. Being solely focused on your physical needs can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but it sure can be fun!

Intense discussions easily turn into arguments during the aggressive Mercury-Mars square on the twenty-third. Work on finding alternative ways to take out your frustrations instead of confronting a partner or lover. Everything isn’t their fault.