Month of Nov 2018: Take control of your own destiny. A new Scorpio moon on November 7 makes you highly aware and intuitive, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You’re very in tune with what’s going on around you, but that can lead to hypersensitivity. Before jumping to conclusions and taking things too personally, be sure that someone actually meant to insult you!

Your desire to help others increases as Mars enters compassionate Pisces on the fifteenth, but changing the world is hard to do on your own. You can make a difference as an individual, but it won’t all happen at once. Think globally but start locally.

Dreamy Neptune (floating comfortably in Pisces) goes direct on November 24, and it’s time for your intuition to lead the way once again. Common sense and practicality are effective tools and have their place, but right now your subconscious is much louder than the voice of reason. Don’t ignore your gut instincts, Libra.

A sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction on the twenty-seventh puts a spotlight on communication, but your maximum effort is required to accurately get your point across. Social media might not be the best platform for sharing good news. The feedback is immediate but not always the most complimentary. Why give coldhearted trolls the opportunity to ruin your day?

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