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Month of Mar 2019: A Venus-Uranus square on March 1 starts the month with more questions than answers. When romantic or financial stability is uncertain, become a creative problem solver. The more innovative you are, the more success you’ll have.

Mercury goes retrograde on the fifth, and you probably already know what that means. Communication mix-ups? Yup. Technological glitches? Probably. Working on solutions is fine, but having patience until Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth is a must.

The sun enters enthusiastic Aries on March 20, so you’ll be anxious to get things started. Overlooking details now will just create problems in the end, though. Try not to let your impulsive actions overshadow doing things correctly.

A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-first causes you to be more competitive than usual, so letting someone else win is probably out of the question. If you can’t be fair when it comes to love, though, maybe you shouldn’t be playing the game.

Love goddess Venus softens when she drifts into Pisces on March 26, making the vibe dreamlike and romantic. Watery Pisces likes to go with the flow, so why not see where it takes you? Causing waves now would be counterproductive.

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