Month of Dec 2020: A magical trine between romantic Venus, your home planet, and illusion-filled Neptune on December 5 can be a wonderful, dreamy time. You’re caught between fantasy and reality, and your mind is filled with visions of what life would be like if you were with the perfect lover or won the lottery. Dream big, Libra!

Venus moves into daring Sagittarius on the fifteenth, so for the next couple weeks you’re ready to take some pretty big risks in your romance and finance sectors. Acting on the spur of the moment might be exciting now, but the consequences of your spontaneous actions might not be known for some time. Enjoy your adventures while they last!

The sun enters responsible Capricorn on December 21, welcoming in a month of hard work and firm commitments. This is also the winter solstice, aka the darkest day of the year, so try to work fast to get things done. Your focus now is on your career and community, but your loved ones need attention, too.

The full moon in emotional Cancer arrives on the twenty-ninth, urging you to go wherever the feminine tide takes you. you’re surrounded by positive female energy now, so really listen to advice from the women in your life. An elderly mom, grandmother, neighbor, or co-worker has incredible wisdom.

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