Monthly Overview

The moon spends valuable time in your fair sign on March 3 and March 4, giving you the chance to take a breather and figure things out. You don’t blame an ex for everything that went wrong in a past relationship, but you don’t have to take more than your share of the blame either.

A struggle between right and wrong can be the result of a Venus-Saturn square on the thirteenth, because it’s a time when you may not feel like being 100 percent accountable. Responsibility verses pleasure is a recurring theme when it comes to love, and the sooner you come to terms with that the better.

The first Mercury retrograde cycle of the year puts a slight damper on your romantic efforts starting on March 22, because being mentally scattered and saying the wrong thing isn’t all that sexy. The good news is that nothing lasts forever, Libra. Lay low for now until you feel better about approaching someone you’re attracted to (despite how you feel now, that time will come).

The sun-Saturn square on the twenty-ninth adds a minor glitch to the system, but romantic obstacles only slow you down. Nothing can stop you completely when your mind is on romance.

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Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment

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