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For Cancers, this month is about how you can learn to take a little more. You are known for your giving ways, but on November 2 and 3, you may notice that a partner is being a little too possessive of your time and energy. Try to make some time for self-care as you get to know each other better. Single and dating Cancers find the energy of your full moon ruler on the fourth to be a time of great clarity. If you’re on the fence about someone close to you, it’s time to take some positive action to resolve it. Those already in serious relationships could find two aspects on November 11 and 13 great times to make significant steps forward as a couple by moving in together, getting engaged, or tying the knot. By November 16, you’re ready to express all kinds of bottled-up feelings. You can’t hold them in for much longer, so try to find the right time and place and say what you need to say as simply as you can. The new moon of November 18 asks that you try to be a little more open with your partner, for both of you.

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