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With a square to Pluto darkening the sun’s upbeat energy for the day on April 11, there are strong underlying issues that you need to deal with concerning your love life. Are there matters you’ve kept hidden from your partner or things you don’t want someone new to know? We all have secrets, but doing what it takes to comfortably get them out into the open where you can deal with them can be a positive thing, Cancer.

A Saturn retrograde period lasting close to five months is ushered in on the seventeenth, which could aid in your quest for closure on past romantic problems and further your general self-knowledge. Keep turning inward and doing the emotional work that will enable you to come out the other side more insightful and better equipped to deal with whatever the future holds for your love life.

Your ruler moon is full and under the influence of another water sign (Scorpio) on April 29, allowing you to focus on healing and transformation. Passion, desire, lust, and all-consuming love all have bit parts here, too, but your main role is purging what is no longer needed (in both an emotional and practical sense). Overlook nothing when attempting to transform yourself fully.

Stellar Guidance


Ah, Pluto. The tiny brute stationed retrograde over the weekend, and is now asking you to do some deep work. Let us help you get through it with these horoscopes written for both your sun and rising signs.

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