Monthly RomanticScope: cancer

September 2017
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For you, sensitivity is just part of your makeup, especially when it comes to love. On September 2 and 3, you could find that you are a little more sensitive than usual. If you’re waiting to hear from someone you’ve recently met or are newly dating, it might be best to distract yourself so you don’t drive yourself crazy. The Full Moon on September 6 brings out some deeper emotions and lets you release all those troubling old feelings from past unions. Single Cancers are feeling fresh and ready to go on September 9 and 12, when you have decided what you want and how to get it. Romance blooms around September 13 with those already in partnerships, when what you want effortlessly balances with your lover’s hopes and dreams. Only your partner can put your ego in check without hurting your feelings. You can laugh and joke and grow in the process. The New Moon on September 20 lets you both set new intentions for the month ahead. If you’re looking for a stronger connection, focus on being there to give as much as you take. Your willingness to nurture is appreciated, and it allows aspects on September 22, 24, and 27 to bring fun and exciting surprises.

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