Month of Dec 2020: You can finally poke your head out of your introverted shell a little bit when Mercury moves into outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. Having in-depth discussions about controversial topics is a big turn-on now. The person who can stimulate your mind has a good chance of winning your heart.

The new moon and solar eclipse on the fourteenth are also in the fiery Archer’s sign, giving you a hopeful outlook on the future. Can you make positive changes to your current relationship? If single, are you about to find your soul mate? For the first time in a while, you feel like the answers to questions like these are 100 percent yes!

Love and money goddess Venus partners up with Sagittarius on December 15, giving some fiery energy to these areas of your life for the rest of the month. And what happens when they mingle? It could be a super-hot turn-on or a total disastrous explosion. If you’re attached, spend money on romantic gifts for each other. If single, splurge on matchmaker services. But don’t waste money on anything that guarantees to improve your love life because, with love, there really are no guarantees!

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