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cancer Horoscope

Month of Jan 2020: There’s a big full moon in your caring sign on January 10, creating a desire for more warmth, security, and TLC in your life. Whether you’re in a relationship or just looking for one, you’ll be drawn to those similar characteristics in others.

A transformational conjunction between the powerful sun and deep Pluto in stable Capricorn occurs on the thirteenth and reminds you that you’re in full control of your own destiny. Don’t worry if you aren’t quick to make important relationship or love-related decisions, Cancer. The answers will come in time.

It's time to get more social as the sun enters unique Aquarius on the twentieth, which can benefit your love life if you’re single or attached. Meeting new people is a lot easier now than usual as you come out of your shell. Don’t worry about finding ways to break the ice with potential new lovers. The right words will come to you spontaneously!

The Aquarius new moon on January 24 is also helpful regarding finding new love, and it can enhance a current relationship as well. You’re more open-minded during this lunation, and you’re interested in finding romantic innovations that you weren’t previously aware of. A new moon is a good time to start something new, and the Water Bearer’s unique energy gives you a lot of encouragement.

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