Month of Aug 2020: Your main focus is on security when loving Venus enters your domestic sign on August 7. If you’re currently in a relationship, you might seem a little needier than usual as you try to pin down your partner to a future wedding date or timeline to add kids to the picture. If you’re looking for love, trying to get too serious too soon could backfire. Unfortunately, playing it cool just isn’t your style right now.

A Leo new moon on the eighteenth could bring some excitement to your love life, especially if it’s been a while since you had something fun to look forward to. You’re getting a lot of extra attention now, Cancer, why not just enjoy it?!

The sun leaves outgoing Leo and lands in more reserved Virgo on August 22, urging you to look at the practical side of love for the coming month. As a water sign, you let your emotions control you most of the time, but this logical earth sign’s influence can be grounding. If you’re trying to make a major love-related decision, write out the pros and cons. Looking at your options in a logical way makes it very clear which one you should choose.

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