September 2018: As always, you’re ready to move full speed ahead toward your romantic goals. When your home planet of Saturn finally moves out of its contemplative retrograde period on September 6, you’re excited to get back to your usual determined self. Get ready for your efforts pay off!

Powerful Mars joins up with offbeat Aquarius on the tenth, so you’re more receptive to unusual ideas, requests, and suggestions. You probably won’t venture too far outside your comfort zone, but things could get interesting.

The Mercury-Saturn square on the twenty-third reminds you to focus on the details. Not that the big picture isn’t important, but looking too far into the future could cause you to miss something that’s happening right now.

A rough sun-Saturn square on September 25 challenges you to show what you’ve got (perhaps in a competitive setting), and while you’ll probably perform as well as you always do, it could leave you feeling like you could have done more. Should you have to prove your love? If someone asks you to do so repeatedly, they might not actually be worthy of it.

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