Month of Aug 2020: There’s not a lot you can do to stop the fun-loving, outgoing energy from the Mercury-Leo combination starting on August 4, but why would you want to?! Like most Goats, you’re a serious, hardworking person, but that’s an even better reason to lighten up and let loose occasionally, especially when it comes to your love life!

The Mars-Pluto square on the thirteenth can be challenging to a developing or long-term relationship because control issues take center stage. It will be hard for you to avoid being sarcastic or passive-aggressive now, but any type of manipulative behavior is a real mood killer. Are you really going to let a petty argument get in the way of something special?

Quirky Uranus goes retrograde in sometimes stuffy Taurus on August 15, which is an odd match. Like all retrograde periods, this is a time for reflection, but with this unbalanced combo, you’ll most likely spend the next five months trying to decide between what kind of lover or partner you want to be in the future. Do you want to shake things up or settle down? You see the positive side of both.

The sun teams up with fellow earth sign Virgo starting on the twenty-second, putting you back in your comfort zone. You have renewed goals now that you’re set on reaching. It’s easy to minimize distractions when you have your eye on the prize.

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