Month of Dec 2020: Mercury leaves quiet Scorpio for the outgoing energy of Sagittarius on December 1, giving you the confidence to speak your mind. Although you usually like to keep romantic details private, you’re just too excited about something to keep it a secret. There might be future consequences for this divulgence, but right now bragging seems worth it!

When healing Chiron goes direct while in powerful fire sign Aries on the fifteenth, you might feel a pull to address a pain from the past that you’ve managed to keep hidden until now. This calls for some serious soul searching, Capricorn. If you’re not ready to be honest with yourself and the people directly involved, set it aside until you are.

The sun leaves fiery Sagittarius for your sign’s earthiness on December 21, and you probably won’t miss the chaos, to be honest. Was the last month exciting? Probably. But would you trade it for your calm, logical, and almost businesslike approach to love? Probably not.

Jupiter and your home planet Saturn also meet up briefly in offbeat Aquarius on the twenty-first, showing what could happen if you’re willing to make some major alterations to your love life. Are you ready for this? Total transformation is possible if you are.

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