Monthly RomanticScope

Capricorns have a special way of showing you care. This month gives you plenty of reasons to do so, and an aspect on January 3 sets the tone with a romantic vibe that lasts and lasts.

On the fourth, single Goats may have some unpleasant memories come up from past romantic encounters. Let that go before it has a chance to shift your mood. You don’t need that in your life.

On January 6, a powerful planetary configuration gives energy to those seeking new dating prospects. Get out there and have fun!

The eighth highlights all you do for the one you love. Expect it back in spades because it’s been noticed and appreciated! Pick your favorite restaurant and put on your best duds for the occasion.

You may find yourself getting a little heated around the ninth and tenth as the planets do a sexy little dance in the sky. Try not to get so hot and heavy that you forget to eat or sleep!

An aspect featuring your ruler on January 13 asks you to try to put away deadlines and time. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. Just have a blast with the one you’re with now.

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Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


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