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It’s a wonderful month to be a Leo, especially if you’re looking for love. On January 3, someone you’re getting to know could be on your mind night and day. The next day you might need to clear some mental space, letting go of feelings left over from an old relationship. Make sure your ex isn’t accidentally coming into what you’re developing now, especially if you’re single. You can and will do better.

On the sixth, two aspects highlight the fun and free way you love. You’re ready to give your heart without reservation.

Three powerful aspects on January 8 expand what you have with someone so much that you’re thinking about a possible long-term future. Date night becomes even happier when you let expectations go.

On the ninth, you and your significant other are getting pretty heated. Hot and heavy energy is everywhere, and it might be hard to stop thinking about them. If you’re already in a partnership, it’s a great time to schedule a date and reconnect in a serious way.

January 15 brings an especially lucky aspect, so putting what you want out to the universe could bring it sooner rather than later. By the lunar eclipse of the month’s last day, you’re ready to let your feelings shine.

Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces. Get ready for some magic! Olivia Pepper explains.

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