Month of Jan 2019: The new Capricorn moon on January 5 emphasizes responsibility and gives your love life some accountability. Are you up to the task? Show someone how much you care through real-life actions, not empty words.

The difficult square between talkative Mercury and driven Mars on the eighth could cause a breakdown in communication if you aren’t tactful. You don’t want to be the one who always insists on having the last word, do you?

The Venus-Mars trine on January 18 is a great trine for dating because of your increased attractiveness and charisma. Are you already in a relationship? Plan a special night that you and your partner won’t soon forget. And no need to rush things. Let the sexual tension build!

There’s a full moon in your sign plus a lunar eclipse on the twentieth that really bring the drama! You love a good soap opera moment, but this could be more than even you are ready to handle. Hang on, Leo, because this could be a bumpy ride!

The sun-Mercury conjunction on January 29 brings an optimistic energy that affects how you feel about a current or potential relationship. There will be obstacles to overcome, as always, but you see a lot of great potential. There are happy days ahead!

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