May 2018: Neediness and insecurity can be the unwanted results of a Venus-Neptune square on May 7. Your current or potential relationship suffers setbacks when you lack the self-confidence to take it to the next level, and ignoring other people’s obvious faults leads to similar obstacles.

Venus enters moody Cancer on the nineteenth, and your vulnerabilities increase with your sensitivity. Your tendency to take everything personally has everyone on edge, and it’s hard for a new love interest to make any progress. Feeling secure is imperative for you to let down your inhibitions, but when you are finally able to give in to your urges, the person you’re with will be glad they were patient!

A positive sun-Mars trine on May 23 has you feeling strong and battle ready, so anyone who decides to challenge you is in for an uphill climb. Impressing people is an easy task, so much so that you may find yourself with more than one date invitation. If you’re already taken, find a nice way to let new admirers down. And if you’re single? There’s no better time to go after what you want.

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