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Your sign is always looking for the other to help balance you out. This month, love is on your mind on January 3, when a dreamy aspect has you sweet on someone close to you.

If you’re single and seeking new love, think about what you can leave behind from past unions on the fourth. By the sixth, you’re ready to dive back into the market. Don’t be surprised if you have some serious interest soon.

Married and partnered Libras have three powerful aspects on January 8 to help you get on the same page in matters of the heart. You may find that planning social engagements and double dates - or even scheduling a relaxing trip - is a fun shift for the two of you.

On the ninth, two very sexy aspects have you in each other’s arms again, and you don’t want to come out!

Reality calls on January 13, when you might have to attend to everyday responsibilities. But the fifteenth features such a lucky aspect that you’re bound to share it somehow. Placing your intentions and wishes into the world helps you get clarity on what you have together. The lunar eclipse of the last day puts a positive spin on the month.

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Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces. Get ready for some magic! Olivia Pepper explains.

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