Month of Aug 2020: You’re more likely to open up as Mercury moves into outgoing Leo on August 4, but your ego is much more likely to take a hit now if you experience any rejection. This transit is a double-edged sword. Taking chances can lead to big rewards or embarrassing failures.

Love goddess Venus moves into nurturing fellow water sign Cancer on the seventh, increasing your desire for emotional closeness and soul-warming intimacy. If you’re single, you’ll be longing to find that one perfect person to spend your lonely nights with, but settling for the wrong one isn’t an option now.

There’s a square between your co-rulers Mars and Pluto on August 13 that brings control issues to a head and could cause you to lose your temper. This isn’t a good look on you, Scorpio, and this isn’t the way to make a good first impression. If you’re in a steady relationship, hopefully your partner is willing to compromise. Otherwise, you could be in for a long standoff.

The Venus-Pluto opposition on the thirtieth brings intensity to your love life, but it increases your tendency to overthink things. When you have too many options in front of you, you have a hard time choosing just one.

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