Month of Dec 2020: There’s an exciting trine between the enthusiastic Sagittarius sun and your co-ruler Mars in fire sign Aries on December 10 that lights up the beginning of your month with confidence and anticipation. What will happen next? You don’t know, and for once you’re not anxious about it! Bring it on!

The great healer Chiron comes out of its retrograde cycle while also in powerful Aries on the fifteenth, giving you the opportunity to get closure on a past relationship. As a fixed, emotionally intense sign, you tend to hold on to past pain more than most, but this can be a very healing transit for you, Scorpio. What are you gaining by letting this eat away at you?

The sun leaves the excitement of Sagittarius for the calmer, more focused energy of Capricorn on December 21, reminding you to take love seriously. You’ve had your fun for the past month or so, and now you should focus on the parts of your love life you’ve been ignoring. Remembering the potential rewards for your hard work can be excellent motivation.

You have extra TLC to give during the full moon in caring kindred water sign Cancer on the twenty-ninth, allowing you to let down your guard and show your nurturing, sympathetic side. You’re surrounded by feminine energy, making this a wonderful time to conceive a child or welcome one into your family.

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