July 2018: You already know a lot about love, but you also have a lot to learn, and you get a memorable lesson during the Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5. Does being verbally aggressive always get you what you want? No. Does talking over your partner or date help you get your point across? No. Are you starting to get the idea, Scorpio?

An opposition between the sun and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth increases your determination, but that can come across as stubbornness if applied in the wrong way. Yes, as a fixed sign you want things your way, but does that mean there’s no room for any compromise? It shouldn’t.

The moon spends time in your mysterious sign on July 20 and July 21, surrounding you with intrigue. You’re anything but an open book, but you expect anyone who’s interested in you to pick up on the subtle hints you leave from time to time. Your perfect match might be a mind reader because everyone else falls just short of your expectations.

An opposition between the egocentric sun and powerful Mars increases assertiveness on the twenty-seventh, so you aren’t afraid to make the first move. You welcome the chance to be in control, but avoid using any kind of underhanded tactics. Even the best of intentions can backfire when applied incorrectly.

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