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Month of Jan 2019: With your power planet Mars spending time in Aries the whole month, you’re not shy about your feelings. Showing confidence in your romantic words and actions is a turn-on, so you shouldn’t have any trouble attracting and holding someone’s interest.

Eccentric Uranus is also traveling with Aries and heads direct on January 6, so changes are inevitable. You’re a fixed sign who doesn’t always like innovation, so do your best to roll with the waves.

You have an innately strong drive to always figure out what’s really going on, and the sun-Pluto conjunction in practical Capricorn on the eleventh focuses your intensity. Searching for information about a crush or partner is easier when you’re organized and highly motivated.

The sun enters freedom-loving Aquarius on January 20, giving you a different perspective on life and love. It’s not that you suddenly aren’t jealous, but you have new ways to deal with your feelings of insecurity. Opening your mind results in interesting encounters.

The moon is in your sign on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth, adding emotional intensity to everything. Is it possible you’re overreacting? Yes. Do you have just cause to be upset? Probably. Just don’t let them see you cry.

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