June 2018: You’re on top of your game during the sun-Mercury conjunction beginning on June 5. All your brainpower is focused and ready to tackle whatever issues come your way, which is helpful in all romantic situations. Plus, your quick wit makes you an expert flirt, which never hurts!

Lovely Venus takes a trip through your dramatic sign starting on the thirteenth, so all romantic situations become a tad more theatrical. Of course, you’re the lead in this romantic play, and if you’re single you can’t wait to get the rest of your cast assembled. Committed Leos are happy to have their partner by their side, as long as your mate doesn’t try to upstage you.

The sun begins its sensitive journey through Cancer on June 21, at which time your creativity increases along with your moodiness. You’ll have your share of ups and downs, but this period will be focused on keeping up appearances no matter what. Your love life may not be ideal, but you want it to appear as though it is.

An opposition between the emotional Cancer sun and Saturn retrograde on the twenty-seventh produces an inhibited energy, and you struggle against a well-known or anonymous force. Why is this so hard? You don’t like it when your fate isn’t in your own hands.

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