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The sun is in fellow fire sign Aries when it makes a trying square to the Capricorn moon on April 8. This complicated interaction can add stress to relationships in the form of emotional pressure. Head versus heart is always a problematic dynamic, especially when they’re torn between two very different things. The key to this aspect is not to react too emotionally or take things too personally.

When the sun-Uranus conjunction on the eighteenth sparks rebellion, you feel a strong urge to break free from your usual romantic routine so your lover (or lovers) benefits from your increased sense of adventure! Just don’t let your quest for unusual and/or unique experiences cause too many disruptions to other areas of your life. Sudden movements don’t always bring long-term happiness.

Your ruler sun moves into stable and conventional Taurus on April 19, bringing you back down to earth and making security your number one romantic priority. Lions in relationships may think about taking the next step to commitment, whatever that may be. For single Leos on the prowl, you’re willing to consider settling down. Trust is a big issue for you, but you’re willing to give it if you get it in return. Don’t let a battle of wills stop you from finding true love.

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