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Month of Nov 2019: When loving Venus enters outgoing Sagittarius on November 1, your love life gets a little more spontaneous. You know those plans you had? Throw them out the window, because right now it’s best to just drive on the open road without a map!

You feel like you have a certain romantic purpose during the sun-Pluto sextile on the thirteenth, but your destiny might not be that obvious. It’s important to do some soul searching rather than make snap decisions now, Leo. The more contemplating you do about your love life, the better conclusions you’ll reach.

The sun joins up with direct, outspoken Sagittarius on November 22, so for the next month you’re likely to get right to the point. This isn’t an “in your face” energy, but you don’t see the point of wasting anyone’s time either. If you know how you feel, you’re going to express it.

Delusional Neptune goes direct on the twenty-seventh, so you’ll get to go back to seeing things through rose-colored glasses if that’s what you prefer. Deep down, you probably know the truth, but it’s easier and more fun to live the life you create in your daydreams. When it comes to love, reality can wait.

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