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Your sign of Leo has a lot to give in love, and you have a chance to show it on February 2 as the planet of communication aligns in a harmonious way. You can charm like no other, especially with your words. From e-mails to texts, you’re making an impression now.

On the third, you may not always be heard or understood the way you want to be. Try to be patient for now. The energy gets a little friendlier on the sixth.

On February 15, a partial solar eclipse joins another aspect to provide support for your growing feelings. Single Leos are meeting a lot more interesting people these days, and one of them will have your attention before long.

For those already committed to someone, an aspect on the twenty-first fills the air with love. Forgo your regular date night activities, banish the computer, and chill for the time being. You’ve more than earned a big night on the town. Dressing to impress is fun, and you get your flirt on so well together.

Though you may not be on the same page on February 25, a decidedly sexy aspect two days later brings you together in a seriously physical way. Have fun!

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