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September 2017
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For Leo, love is a state of mind. On September 2, you have a chance to question some thoughts and beliefs you may have just assumed about a current partner in a way that’s playful and fun. Even if you’ve only recently met, you know how to make one another laugh as you learn about each other. September 3 amps up your communication even more. You might even feel like revealing a little secret about yourself in order to build trust. Married Leos can look to the Full Moon of September 6 as the time to have new conversations. If something has been on your mind, it’s time to get it out into the open. Single Leos seeking new love can use the energies of September 9 and 12 to find out if their significant other is really interested in a long-term relationship or just wants to play around. Whatever you find, the 15 brings you closer together. Try not to let your jealousy get out of hand if you aren’t getting the right signals around September 22. Communication may not be clear at this time, and it does no good to jump to conclusions. September 24 clears everything up for both of you.

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