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You are often so in love with love that you miss out on getting to know your partner in real life. This month changes all that as two aspects on October 1 and October 3 encourage you to snuggle up and really talk. Whether you’re single and newly dating or have been together forever, you have a rare opportunity to delve deep into one another in a whole new way. On October 5, a full moon ends one lunar cycle and prepares you for something better. On the same day, a wonderfully loving aspect encourages you to spend time doing the things you truly love. Even a round of miniature golf will have you laughing and having fun before long. On October 8, October 9, and October 11, three separate aspects ask you to look within to see if you’re really happy with the way things are. If so, it’s all systems go during the new moon of October 19, when you can make new plans. If not, you have two very supportive aspects on October 24 and October 26 to help you say what’s on your mind and agree to make some positive changes together. You’re ready to face the world as one.

Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Planetary Opposition: Proceed with Caution

Conflicting emotions abound today, thanks to lingering effects from yesterdays planetary oppositions. Here, Christine Aprile recommends that we all take a page out of Frank Ocean's book and make room for that thin line between love and hate.

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