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Month of Nov 2019: Have you been waiting for your next great romantic adventure? When Venus meets up with free-loving Sagittarius on November 1, you might just get the chance to reach the next level! The Archer urges you to drop your inhibitions on the quest to find true love. If you’ve already found your soul mate, use this time to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

The sun-Neptune trine on the eighth has a “help your fellow humans” vibe, but sometimes compassion or admiration can get mixed up with other (romantic) emotions. Just because you care about or like someone in a platonic sense doesn’t mean you should hook up.

You might be faced with a harsh reality concerning your love life during the Venus-Neptune square on November 14, especially if you have issues that mix love and finances. Combining business with pleasure doesn’t really work now, nor does asking for money from a crush or partner. Keep your money issues separate from your love life at all costs.

Romantic Venus visits practical Capricorn on the twenty-fifth, so you tend to show your love now through more useful ways. If you find yourself offering to run errands for someone or change their tire, you might be in love!

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