Month of Mar 2019: Communications manager Mercury turns retrograde on March 5, adding to the drama of your love life. There will be inevitable problems to deal with, naturally, but sometimes you thrive in those kinds of situations. Just try to hold it together until Mercury goes direct on March 28.

You’re a confident lover and partner during the sun-Jupiter square on the thirteenth, but being too egotistical can cancel out any positive qualities you exude. Staying humble is good for your love life.

The sun moves into enthusiastic Aries on March 20, so you’ll have enough energy to tackle your toughest romantic goals. What have you wanted to accomplish that’s been eluding you lately? This is the time to tackle those difficult, stubborn issues.

Romantic Venus enters romantic Pisces on the twenty-sixth, so you can see where this is headed! Take the focus off sex and put it onto love. You’ll be surprised by what can happen when you relieve some of the pressure that sexual tension brings.

Driven Mars visits quick-thinking yet fickle Gemini on March 30, so your love interests are very diversified. Follow-through isn’t your best trait right now, but canceling dates at the last minute isn’t cool. Letting a first date or partner know when you’re running late shows that you know their time is valuable, too.

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