Monthly RomanticScope

For Leo natives, this month is about discovering who you are in love. On March 4, you’re feeling more talkative than usual. A harmonious aspect is asking you to make sure your needs are known. Your partner can’t read your mind, after all.

On the seventh, your convos get even spicier as your flirt game moves up a notch.

By March 8, when expressive Jupiter goes retrograde, you’re ready to review what worked and what didn’t in your previous relationships. Single Leos are bound to find some stuff they need to release once and for all.

On the eleventh, try not to compare what you have with other people’s unions. You’re not really the same, and it doesn’t help anyway.

By March 22, when chatty Mercury goes retrograde, those already with a significant other may have to put old arguments on hold. Just because your partner always does something that annoys you, it doesn’t mean it will change overnight. Try positive reinforcement when they succeed, and watch things get better.

You may find yourself at odds about something neither one of you wants to back down from on the twenty-third. But by the twenty-sixth, a strong aspect shows that the physical side of love can’t be denied.

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