Monthly RomanticScope

It’s time for another month of love and romance for Libra natives! On March 4, you have so much energy to talk the night away. If you’re single and newly dating or have been together forever, you’re getting to know each other even better than before.

On the seventh, your talk could stray to the physical as flirting and suggestive texts turn into something far sexier.

Jovial Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8, encouraging you to think about what you may need to leave behind in romance. What didn’t work can give you clues to how to make the next relationship that much better.

Though a difficult aspect shows up on March 11, you don’t need to let it bother you too much. Try not to compare what you have with your friends’ relationships and you’ll be much happier. Comparison doesn’t do any good in this situation.

On the twenty-second, talkative Mercury goes retrograde, messing with your communication for the next few weeks. But an aspect on the same day asks that you try to find the romance in everyday life.

Don’t let your jealousy show on March 23. By March 26, you’ll know you’re meant only for each other.

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