September 2018: You can learn a lot about love this month, Libra. Saturn tries to teach you to work hard for what you want when it slips out of its reflective retrograde cycle on September 6, but paying attention to details will be key. Slow down and be attentive.

Passionate Venus enters equally passionate Scorpio on the ninth, and we probably don’t have to spell out what that means! With this kind of passion comes jealousy and other negative emotions, though, so try not to get sucked into the all-consuming energy that this watery emotional transit can bring. You have to come up for air sometimes!

A hazy Mercury-Neptune retrograde opposition on the thirteenth puts your love-related decisions in question, and you may struggle to find the right words for what you want to say. One thing to keep in mind right now is that it’s much better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing.

Intelligent Mercury moves into your sign on the twenty-first, when you might have the tendency to accommodate other people’s needs just to avoid arguments or confrontations. Trying to keep the peace is admirable, but don’t do it by compromising your own needs.

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