Monthly RomanticScope

For Pisces natives, this month is about learning to speak up. On March 4, the communication planet asks that you find your courage and speak your truth. You could be surprised by how well it’s received.

Newly dating Pisces have the seventh to look forward to, since an aspect amps up the sexiness that day. Though you may still be technically single, this might not be your status for long!

March 8 features joyful Jupiter going retrograde for the next few months. Put your intentions out to the universe now and see what returns.

Those already with a significant other could run into a little disagreement on eleventh, when you aren’t seeing eye to eye about future plans. Giving it a day or two and coming back to the table will probably yield better results.

By March 22, you’re ready for a break from all the drama. A fun-loving aspect supports romantic gestures and action, so send those flowers, buy that candy, and let your giving side show. Even though chatty Mercury goes retrograde that day, you can still find happiness together.

Though the twenty-third could be a little tense, especially about your styles in bed, the twenty-sixth brings an aspect that supports being fun and silly together. Release expectations and watch things soar!

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