Month of Feb 2021: Romantic Venus isn’t incredibly comfortable when paired with somewhat aloof Aquarius on February 1, but at least your love life won’t suffer from a lack of imagination. If you’re going to experiment, however, be sure to put some feeling into it so that your suggestions don’t seem weird.

There’s a positive sextile between powerful Mars and your ruler Neptune on the thirteenth, helping you move ahead with some of your romantic dreams. There might be a lot of phases involved in taking an idea and putting it into motion until it becomes reality, but you have to take the first step sometime, right? It might as well be now.

When the sun leaves logical Aquarius and enters your emotional sign on February 18, it’s like the universe flipped a switch. Love is very personal now, and you struggle with the suggestion that it be trivial or low priority. If you’re in a relationship, you want to know your partner loves you with all their heart. If you’re single and looking, your perfect match is another water sign who feels things as deeply as you do.

Romantic Venus moves into your imaginative sign on the twenty-fifth, helping you create a rich dreamworld. Even if your real love life isn’t going the way you want, you always have your daydreams to distract you. Fantasies are harmless now.

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