November 2018: You can make some real progress in your love life this month. A new moon in your deep-water sign on the seventh starts you out with help from your intuition, which can guide you toward making all the right decisions. If you’ve gotten out of touch with your subconscious, now is the time to get reacquainted.

A sun-Pluto sextile on the eleventh shows you what’s possible, but you might not fully understand (or want to acknowledge) the steps you need to take to finish the race in front of everyone else. Is winning important, or does it count just to be a participant? You must decide that for yourself, Scorpio.

The Mercury retrograde cycle that starts on November 16 is in fire sign Sagittarius, which puts a slightly more aggressive spin on your miscommunications. Saying something louder than you said it the first time won’t help you get your point across. Use finesse, not force.

A challenging Mars-Jupiter square on the nineteenth could make you a bit intrusive, which isn’t a good way to start off with someone new. If you’re already in a relationship, respect your partner’s privacy. Just because you’re together doesn’t give you the right to invade their space. And vice versa, of course.

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